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What is ‘Brightening’ Skincare?



Wading through skincare vocabulary and flashy marketing terms can be tricky. Especially when similar terms are mistakenly interchanged.

So today, we’re breaking down the term “brightening”, specifically, how it differs from lightening/whitening.

Lightening or Whitening: The process of altering one’s complexion in the aim of reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin utilizing bleaching creams, whiteners or other harsh ingredients. It’s a practice that is rooted in ethnocentric beauty standards.

Brightening: Targeting specific areas of the skin that have produced excess melanin due to injury to the skin (like acne), hormonal changes or extended sun exposure. Brightening ingredients can support the skin’s healing and regeneration process via hydration, reducing inflammation and speeding up cellular turnover. TLDR: your glow-getters.


Our favorite brightening go-to’s, you ask?



Tata Harper – ‘Concentrated Brightening Serum’

When working to reduce spots left by sun damage or melasma, we swear by this multi-targeted serum. With ingredients like Milk Thistle + Rose Damascena to help fade marks, minimize fine lines and boost hydration, it’s a super serum for all skin tones + types.



Agent Nateur – Holi(C)

Using a unique Vitamin C formulation via calcium + sodium ascorbyl phosphate, this powdered formula won’t oxidize and can be mixed into any water-based toner, serum or even SPF of your choice. It’s our favorite for preventing, treating and healing post-pimple scarring.



H is For Love – Nectar Nourishing Face Oil

With a symbiotic blend of cold-pressed plant  and steam distilled essential oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cell-regenerative, astringent and brightening, daily use of this oil will balance your complexion while providing all the nourishment your skin needs from the outside in.



Indie Lee – Brightening Cream

Strawberry Leaf Extract combines with Centella Asiatica for a radiance-enhancing boost of antioxidants. Sodium Hyaluronate and Squalane lock in moisture for plump-looking skin, without breaking the bank.

We’re here to help you get your glow on! Have more questions? Call us at The Shop! North Park / (619) 501-5362 One Paseo / (858) 209-2050 or DM us on Instagram @shopgoodco

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