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Natural Retinols 101



Unlocking the Power of Natural Retinols: Types and Expert Recommendations for Radiant Skin

Ahhh retinol… one of the most highly praised ingredients in skincare and a potent and effective way to rejuvenate the skin. But what exactly is it? And are there natural forms that are just as effective? Let’s dive into the world of natural retinols, exploring their types, benefits, and expert recommendations for optimal use.

First things first. What are retinols? Most simply, retinols are a derivative of Vitamin A and have long been hailed as a skincare powerhouse for their ability to enhance cell turnover, stimulate collagen production and fade hyperpigmentation. They are known to work on a cellular level to strengthen the epidermis, thus, improving the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. 

Traditionally, synthetic retinoids have dominated the skincare market, but the rise of clean beauty has led to the discovery of natural sources that offer similar retinol functionality and optimal benefits without the potential drawbacks associated with synthetic counterparts.

At Shop Good, we love these plant-based alternatives because of their gentler formulations, generally safer ingredients and their more sustainable sourcing practices… while never compromising results.

Types of Natural Retinols and Their Benefits

  1. Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina): Derived from the seeds of wild rose bushes, rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A, making it a natural source of retinol. It promotes cellular turnover, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and improves skin texture. Additionally, its high antioxidant content helps protect the skin from environmental stressors.
  1. Bakuchiol: Often referred to as a “plant-derived retinol,” bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant. It offers similar benefits to traditional retinoids – such as improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles – but with less potential for irritation. Bakuchiol is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.
  1. Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus Carota): Carrot seed oil is rich in beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. This natural retinol alternative helps promote skin renewal, fade scars, and brighten the complexion. Its soothing properties make it suitable for individuals with dry or sensitive skin.

Our Esthetician’s Recommendations for Exploring and Using Natural Retinols

  1. Patch Test: Before incorporating any type of retinol, it’s crucial to conduct a patch test. Apply a small amount of the product to a discrete area of your skin and observe for any adverse reactions for 24 hours
  2. Start Slowly: Natural retinols may be gentler than their synthetic counterparts, but they can still cause sensitivity in some individuals. Begin by using the product every other day or a few times a week to allow your skin to adjust.
  3. Pair with Hydration: Maintain a well-hydrated skincare routine to mitigate any potential dryness or irritation that may arise from using natural retinols. Hyaluronic acid serums and moisturizers can provide the necessary hydration boost.
  4. Use Sunscreen: Just like with synthetic retinoids, sun protection is non-negotiable when using natural retinols. These ingredients can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so applying broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential to prevent UV damage.
  5. Consult a Holistic Esthetician or Product Expert at Shop Good: If you’re new to natural retinols or have specific skincare concerns, pop into the shop or book a facial with our in-house Estheticians. They can help you build a customized regimen that best suits your skin’s bioindividual needs.

Our Favorite Plant-Based Retinols

Sculpture + A — Overnight Enrichment Creme

A multi-active oil-based cream formula utilizes 1% retinol, functional peptides, and 19 anti-inflammatory botanical actives to effectively address key contributors of skin aging—from inflammation to firming.

Josh Rosebrook – ‘Active Infusion Oil’

Using state-of-the-art cosmetic science, this formula includes a synthetically derived form of retinol – hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR). Combined with stabilized Vitamin C + antioxidant support from Vitamin E and you’ve got a truly safe and effective oil that supports skin elasticity AND luminosity.

Marie Veronique – Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

A truly clean, microbiome-friendly replacement for prescription retinoids. Unique combination of Encapsulated Retinol + Retinyl Sunflowerseedate + Bakuchiol works synergistically to deliver a more intelligent and comprehensive way to address aging.

Tata Harper – ‘Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil’

Known as a “youth restoring booster”, this multi-tasking complex uses Rosehip derived Retinoic Acid to support signs of aging. Plus, with a powerful combo of skin-loving vitamins it’ll leave your skin feeling oh-so nourished and healthy. Because healthy skin *is* glowy skin!

 Klur – Stellar Restoration Corrective Complex

Fast acting, multi-purpose corrective serum that works to treat inflammation, provide clarity and smooth the appearance of uneven texture. Bioactive botanicals designed purposely for lackluster congested skin. Fortified with potent vitamins A,B, C and E + Aloe.

Monastery – Rei Gentle Retinol Cream

An effective but gentle hydrating cream with some of the finest botanical ingredients. A beautiful blend of vitamin A, beta-glucan, botanical hyaluronic and aloe to not only hydrate & soothe the barrier but assist the skin in brightening while boosting collagen & diminishing the appearance of fine lines. An effective but gentle retinol cream with a beautiful blend of botanical ingredients. Powerhouse vitamin A to brighten, boost collagen while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Beta-glucan, botanical hyaluronic  and aloe vera  to prevent lack of moisture while treating inflammation.

The Nue Co. – Skin Filter Serum

All the actives without the reaction. Skin Filter serum is a combination of phyto-retinols bakuchiol & rambutan to help smooth and refine, AHAs to exfoliate & brighten while juicy hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin. Leaving you smoother, brighter, tighter without the redness. 

Ere Perez – White Tea Phyto-Retinol Elixir

A vegan retinol alternative that improves skin texture while boosting collagen production. A superb blend of botanical actives, antioxidants and vitamins to leave your skin rejuvenated.

Embracing plant-based retinols have many beneficial qualities, and by understanding the types of natural retinols available and tapping into your Shop Good Skin Experts, you can unlock the potential for radiant, rejuvenated skin while staying true to your clean beauty values! We are here to help you discover how! Have more questions? Call us at The Shop! North Park / (619) 501-5362 One Paseo / (858) 209-2050 or DM us on Instagram @shopgoodco

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