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Meet Them

Meet our Newest Holistic Estheticians

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We are delighted to welcome two new Holistic Estheticians to our Shop Good Spa.  Alex and Lauren bring a combined star-studded resume ranging from holistic health coaching, to years of skin study, to self-healing from chronic health issues. This experience, along with their super-passion for naturals, make them the perfect addition to our hot-in-demand Shop Good Spa team. Meet them via their rapid fire Q and A!  #Girltalk pro tips: ask Lauren about your optimal skin-supplement regimen during your treatment and book Lymphatic Drainage with Alex, asap.You’re welcome. 

Say ‘hey!’ and ‘see you in the spa!’ to Alex and Lauren!

Meet: Alex McClungScreen Shot 2019-09-12 at 4.07.52 PM

Growing up in Texas beauty is BIG – and I loved watching my mother and grandmother perform their meticulous routines. I poured over magazines for new tips and tricks which inspired me to major in journalism and become a beauty columnist for my university’s online zine. I worked as a freelance makeup artist after graduation, but ultimately it was getting incredibly familiar with my clients skin and recommending products and skincare regimens that I personally was obsessing over… that ultimately lead me to wanting to treat the skin. After moving to California and getting swept into the world of natural beauty and wellness I knew there was no other option than to become a licensed esthetician in hopes of making others feel their best from the inside out!

 5 fun facts about you – ready, go!

  1. I grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas
  2. I did a little bit of rodeo & barrel raced on a horse named Geronimo
  3. I love lemon flavored everything (hello, lemon love Kalumi bars)
  4. I do pretty excellent celebrity impressions
  5. I’m a huge animal lover and volunteered at the Humane Society for years reading my favorite books to puppies needing to familiarize with humans
What made you want to join the Shop Good team?
I started following SG on Instagram when I was in esthetician school and immediately fell in love with the ethos of the brand. I attended the Province Apothecary workshop and met Leah as well as some of the team, and again right away I felt like I had met sisters that shared my passions and who I could learn so much from. Can you ask for more?
Ride or die beauty and wellness product or products?
Toughie. I would marry Yin Power. She is there for you inside and out making periods better, libidos higher, and balancing out mood overall. The Gentle Cleanser from Botnia is a very close second. I’ve never looked forward to cleansing more.
Favorite mantra to live by?
There are no rules.
When you’re not in the treatment room, what are you doing?
When I’m not in the treatment room I am probably eating! My boyfriend
and I are on a mission to try every sushi restaurant in SD.
We’re dying to get a facial from you? Tell us what to expect!?
Just expect a safe space and probably some laughs. Come as you are and know that I can’t wait to meet you!
Fall is near! You look forward to this Fall thing all year long…. 
The mood! Fall is all about shaking off the old in preparation for the new and it always feels like a fresh start to me.
Guilty pleasure. Let’s hear it.
I take myself on solo movie dates at least a couple of times a month and it just wouldn’t be the same without buttery popcorn and a box of Milk Duds tossed in.

Book with Alex now at our One Paseo spa!


Meet: Lauren Gionet

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 4.07.40 PM

From a young age I had always been interested in skin (even my mom would say that I should become an esthetician when I grew up), but I really deep dived into my passion for holistic health and clean beauty around the age of 20. I was always searching for natural and sustainable ways to care for my body, mind and skin after my experience with high cholesterol in college, birth control issues, and stubborn cystic acne. I received my health coaching certification in 2016, but felt like something with missing. After healing my cystic acne with natural product use, diet and lifestyle changes, and regular professional facials and knowing how much my skin and health issues affected my mood, self-esteem and overall confidence in everyday life, I knew that healing the skin and body holistically was something that I wanted to support and assist other women going through these issues as well. I became an esthetician to help others live a holistically happy and healthy life.

  5 fun facts about you – ready, go!

  1. Originally an East Coast girl, born and raised in CT, but moved to sunny San Diego and it stole my heart
  2. I’ve traveled to over 15 cities in Europe while studying abroad in college. A group of friends and I got stranded in the Swiss Alps on an all day hike when we finally made it back right before dark!
  3. Anything and everything yellow instantly makes me feel all the warm and fuzzies.
  4. I am a lover of all Spanish music – salsa dancing is my favorite!
  5. A huge passion of mine is environmentalism – just your typical tree-hugger babe.

What made you want to join the Shop Good team?

Fueling my body and mind with potent, sustainable, natural ingredients, and approaching health-care in a holistic way has been my MO since dealing with my own struggles around high cholesterol, birth control and cystic acne. When I happened upon (but actually stalked like a high school crush) Shop Good and their gang of passionate, like-minded, clean beauty babes full of wisdom and “I gotchu” feels, I knew I had found my people. I truly feel like me when I am with all of these amazing ladies surrounded by all of our favorite clean beauty + wellness products!

Ride or die beauty and wellness product or products?
I can’t live without my Suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted moisturizer, it provides the best glow, sun protection, and moisture for all day long. Another product that I use without a doubt everyday is Vital Proteins Collagen, it helps with my gut and joint health, while keeping my skin healthy and plump!
Favorite mantra to live by?
All is well.
When you’re not in the treatment room, what are you doing?
I am usually sweating in my favorite hot yoga class at Corepower, cooking and dancing at home with the music turned up, or thrift shopping.
We’re dying to get a facial from you? Tell us what to expect!?
Expect to feel at ease, understood, and comforted. My approach to a skincare treatment is to provide relaxation while working on whatever your skin goals are, so you can feel like your best self, from the inside out!
Fall is near! You look forward to this Fall thing all year long…. 
I look forward to apple picking, baking, opening the windows on those crisp, cool days, and turning inward after a long jam-packed summer.
Guilty pleasure. Let’s hear it.
Pho from Shank and Bone – YUM.
Book with Lauren now at our North Park spa! 


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