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Care for Everywhere: June at Shop Good!


Hi Shop Good Friends, Leah here!

An important commitment I’ve made when considering the conversations we hold at Shop Good is ensuring they are holistically-minded and all-inclusive. And, yes, while we have an affinity for focusing on that fabulous face of yours via skincare tips and natural makeup tricks, we can’t talk about wellness without tending to our body as a whole – both internally and externally!

Let’s get real. Our bodies are incredible machines… that oftentimes have a mind of their own! They protect us, regulate us, and surprise us with curveballs, too! From ingrowns to body acne. Menstrual cramps to keratosis pilaris. Eczema, yeast infections, stress, sweat and more! It’s true, our bodies are ah-maz-ing… so, yep, they warrant some major TLC too!

And this month, we’re feeling bold + ready to chat about allll the areas of YOU while talking through those ‘body things’ most of us would rather just flat out avoid. Because we all deserve a safe space for some ‘body talk’… and a trusted resource for the many ways we can care for ‘up there,’ ‘down there’ and every nook and cranny that makes you, you.

I’m so excited to welcome you to ‘Care For Everywhere’ and the month of June at Shop Good!

This month, you can look forward to body-loving brand pop-ups, a juicy and oh-so-exclusive spa special that’ll cool your body temp down as outdoor heats up, and t-o-n-s of super-new products on our shelves with a focus on pampering and nurturing all corners of the body.

Our bodies and their unique differences shouldn’t be a burden, no matter the ‘body-woe!’ So let’s celebrate the good, the perplexing, and all the beauty our bodies hold, while sending LOVE to ourselves, our skin and everything within.

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