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A Quick Guide to Properly Exfoliating Skin

a quick and useful guide for properly exfoliating skin


From the days of harsh apricot scrubs (iykyk) to complex peels, exfoliation has *long* been a hot topic in the skincare world — and for good reason. When done correctly, exfoliation can support cellular turnover, acne management graceful aging + more.

But frequency and method matter. Exfoliating too often or too aggressively can compromise your skin’s lipid barrier, leaving red, irritated + inflamed skin. To avoid over-exfoliation, make sure to consult with your Holistic Esthetician and select a product that’s right for your unique skin type.

How to choose…




Shop Good – Contour Dry Brush

Physical exfoliants work by sloughing off the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Dry brushing aids in increased blood and lymph drainage while also unclogging pores leaving your skin glowing. Use on dry skin and begin at your feet working your way to your heart in a circular motion.



Josh Rosebrook – Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Enzyme-based exfoliants work by dissolving dead skin cells – making it an ideal treatment for more sensitive or mature skin. Try this manual exfoliating scrub made with walnut shells + fruit enzymes to support cell turnover. Ideal for snapping selfies with in on *and* after it’s washed off.


3 /  BHAs BABY

Moss Mornings – ‘Sleep Peel’

Chemical exfoliation (hi, BHAs + AHAs) takes things deeper by dissolving build up below the surface and can be a powerful acne-management tool, too. For an overnight treatment gentle enough for all skin types, try ‘Sleep Peel’. With a combo of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic and Hyaluronic acids it’ll have you waking up to all around smoother + brighter skin.


4 /  ALL THE AHAs…

The Nue Co – The Pill Serum

AHAs (or Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are ideal for reducing the appearance of scars + boosting hydration. This topical supplement is designed as a one-step solution with the same powerful actives and acids. The result? Smooth, dewy and deeply hydrated skin!


Exfoliation comes in many forms and we are here to help you find the right solution for healthy, glowing, and radiant skin! Have more questions? Call us at The Shop! North Park / (619) 501-5362 One Paseo / (858) 209-2050 or DM us on Instagram @shopgoodco

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