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Meet Them

Wildcare’s Founder + Her 1 Minute Wellness Tip

1 minute – 2

Cortney Herrera is the founder of Wildcare, the energetic skin care line rooted in a commitment to sustainably wildcraft plants, and free from toxins and fillers– it naturally radiates, like you, from deep within. We melt for her hydrosols, masks, and body oil, and are constantly amazed at how her passion emanates so powerfully from the products themselves.

Herrera has an otherworldly relationship with nature, and we are in awe of the symbiosis she has found in the Earth and conscious consumption. When she and her husband aren’t exploring California and healing through plants, she is building a business that’s caught the eye of spiritual junkies and Vogue alike. She may lead a high-vibrational life, but we also learned how she keeps it real by running a hugely successful business while putting her health as a priority. In under 10 minutes, Herrera showed us how to get back into our body, whip up something delicious and give ourselves a mini facial. THAT’S how #youcanhaveboth


1 minute tip:

My daily ritual when I am pressed on time is a mist of a Hydrosol (currently coveting our Empress Cypress), followed by a quick mini-massage with a chilled jade roller. This is the easiest way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the least amount of time. The Hydrosol adds hydration, nutrients, and plant acids into the skin in addition to balancing the natural PH, while the jade roller minimizes puffiness, decreases toxins, and increases circulation. Definitely a quick and effective wake-up routine.


5 minute tip:

Most days in between fulfilling orders and production, I find a few minutes to whip up a smoothie. Lately, I have been enjoying how this particular blend of ingredients makes me feel- focused, strong, and driven! Here’s a recipe for what I’ve been enjoying this Winter –

1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup spring water
1/4 cup raw cashews (soaked)
2 Tbs tocos, by Sun Potion
2 Tbs cacao (whole beans or powdered)
2 dates (pitted)
1 Tbs hemp seeds

+ a sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon, and sea salt


10 minute tip:

Anytime I feel out of balance, the quickest way to get back in sync is to take off my shoes and stand outside barefoot in the dirt. This was the first piece of advice I received from a naturopathic doctor many years ago, and something I continue to practice daily. Nature = medicine. Not only does it help re-ground, but it’s the perfect moment for a 10 minute silent meditation to connect with each of your senses and breath to be present in the beauty of every detail around you.