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Glow On

Going Steam-Free

You heard it here first: we’re taking the steam out of our spas!

At Shop Good, we strive to continuously evolve with the goal to provide the absolute *best* experience and results for all spa clients and their skin.

We figured you may have questions, so our Holistic Estheticians have prepared some answers!

1 / Why are we choosing not to use steam in the spa?

As our Holistic Estheticians remain up to date on new research and clinical studies, we’re opting for a more gentle but *just as* effective method of opening pores and facilitating extractions. Rather than risking additional dehydration or aggravation that can be caused by traditional steam use (especially for those experiencing inflammatory skin conditions), our new protocol ensures that your skin is balanced and protected during the full duration of your service with us.

2 / Will you still be able to complete all of my extractions?

You bet. We’ll prep the skin at the start of your service via additional facial massage with our exclusive Botnia extraction-supporting formula, along with our nourishing treatment oil. We’ll follow that multiple warm compresses to loosen up debris and open up the pores in a gentle way – for a very efficient extraction session.

3 / Will I receive the same benefits from my exfoliating mask without the steam?

100%. Spending more time on your deep cleanse and facial massage (paired with the use of warm towels) actually allows for your mask(s) to penetrate deeper into the skin, meaning a more effective treatment.

4 / Steam is sooo relaxing! Will my facial still have the lux + calming effects of steam?

Absolutely. 100% of our focus groups have described our no-steam experience as actually *more* luxurious and relaxing, all while prioritizing protecting the skin’s barrier for truly healthy and glowing skin.

We are so excited for you to experience this for yourself!


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