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The [literal] Cherry on top


Ah, the first Friday of Summer. So, naturally, we’re celebrating months ahead filled with tank tops, bright pops and dewy pouts.  

And the cherry on top? (We’re trying to avoid being so literal, but this one’s just too easy.)

Red cherries are officially our after-dinner dessert of choice throughout the next month or two, and that’s not just because of their pungent sweetness or crushing-sugar-craving abilities… We still can’t get over the unique beauty and wellness benefits of one of our most beloved summer fruits!

Your hair and skin are begging you to read on….


(We couldn’t pick just one today….)

THEIR COLOR KICKS SIGNS OF AGING TO THE CURB. Their bright red coat comes from their richness in kaempferol and quercetin — all of which rank it sky-high in antioxidants and in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) – A K A – they swoop up free-radicals, protecting the body and skin from oxidative stress. – AKA AGAIN —  super effective in preventing signs of fatigue and aging.

THEY SUPPORT HAIR GROWTH. They’re rich in Iron, along with Vitamins A, B, C and D. All the better to make your hair grow faster, my dear.

THEY ACT AS A NATURAL PAIN KILLER. Studies tell us that anthocyanins in red cherries replicate the effects of aspirin or ibuprofen in relieving pain and may provide the same relief up at doses more than 10x lower than aspirin. (what? yes!)

THEY’RE ACNE WARRIORS. Their alkalinity balances the pH levels on our skin and their high levels of Vitamin A work to combat skin bacteria and keep toxins flushing out of the blood before they head to the surface of the skin.

THEY PROVIDE BETTER BEAUTY SLEEP. They’re rich in that wonderful sleep hormone, melatonin. We’ll take cherries over that nightly pill.


On your Saturday spin through the farmers market or Sunday stock-up grocery tour, grab a bag of bright, bold red cherries. When you return home, wash them so they are ready to grab by the handful out of that any moment out of the fridge. Eat them throughout the week as a decadent Summer snack or a post-dinner treat and relish in the fact that you’re indulging AND healing the body. All. At. Once.

Art via Molly Cranna

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