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Lessons in Skin: Our Skin Mentors

July – Dec 2021 Skin Talks (3)

Are you taking notes? #skinschool is in session and today we’re throwing it back with some major Teacher Appreciation for the tokens of advice from our Skin Mentors that helped kick-start our skin journeys. We’re sharing the words that changed our skin journey for the *better* and appreciating those who simply gave us a place to express ourselves through makeup!

Read about the teachers and the lessons they’ve taught our team…

Lessons in Skin:

“My Grandmommy, Dorothy, would take all day to get ready, literally! She’d wake up late and have her soap operas on in the background while sitting at her bathroom vanity for hours on end – curling her hair, prepping her skin and swiping on a flawless face of makeup. But all that detailed attention to her self care (and avoiding all sun exposure) was worth it. Her skin was like porcelain, even up to her final years of life. I have such vivid memories of playing with her lotions and potions while she sat and dolled up for the night, and I always wanted skin like my Grandmommy’s.”

Leah, Founder + President (pictured above)


“Botnia founder, Justine Kahn, changed it all. Treating the skin exactly as it presents today will lead to sustainable, long-term skin success vs. trying to change/prevent skin ailments that don’t exist in the moment.”

Mallory, Holistic Esthetician


“My skin lesson: simple is oftentimes best! Less is more when it comes to caring for your skin, and there *is* such a thing as overdoing it.”

Juana, Marketing Manager + General Manager


“My grandma Grace is my Skin Mentor. Wear sunscreen everyday but know that…here and there the sun likes to leave kisses on your face so don’t forget to love those imperfections!”

Kiana, Product Expert


“When I stumbled upon Into the Gloss I was instantly drawn to the reviews and Top Shelf posts on people ranging from dermatologists to stylists to artists. This exposed me to so many different products around the world and learning the rituals and education behind why things worked for some and not for others. This helped me build a routine and I still read it to this day! Also, my grandma. She was an avid skincare-counter woman, and would have a routine filled with masks and actives and really taught me to not fear aging, and to do so gracefully.”

Anna, Store Manager


I became my own Skin Mentor. I never had any guidance when it came to skin care or skin health growing up!”

Devin, Holistic Esthetician


“My Skin Mentor is S/G’s own Holistic Esthetician Michele Tauzin. I’ve learned that oil cleansing will not make you more oily! Oil cleansers can provide a gentle cleanse while keeping skin hydrated.”

Annalysa, Product Expert


“I wasn’t that interested in skincare growing up, until I found out about Shop Good right when it started about 4 years ago. After that I really started taking care on my skin and doing a proper skincare routine for my skin type + needs. So I would say our Instagram was for sure my skin mentor. And I would say what really changed it all for me was to wear SPF everyday + re-apply!”

Steph, Content Specialist + Product Expert


My sisters are my skin mentors! I learned that skincare is more than just a topical approach! Staying hydrated + eating clean also play a huge role in maintaining healthy skin.”

Alicyn, Product Expert


“My skin mentors include my own research/interests, Ashley Wittke, and my former esthetician Laura W. I have always enjoyed doing deep dives into various skincare techniques and products, but as I got older, some of those techniques and products were no longer working. Laura gave me my first facial and taught me the importance of updating products as you get older because our hormones change, which causes our skin to require different ingredients. Ashley taught me the importance of lymphatic drainage, facial massage, and making sure to keep blood flow and circulation in the face. I am forever grateful for those who have shared their knowledge with me and for those I will learn from in the future!”

Emma, Holistic Esthetician


“I’m in LOVE with Danna Omari and her approach to skin care. She believes in the power of gua sha and facial acupuncture and treats chronic skin conditions as well as clientele who want to glow and focus on prevention. Danna has a quote that I align with and resonate with: ‘there is no technology to replace the power of the hands.'”

January, Spa Manager + Lead Holistic Esthetician


“My college roommate told me not to pick my skin, that skin care is more than just sunscreen everyday. She also introduced me to Shop Good and the rest is history!”

Leeya, Product Expert


“My first Skin Mentors were the ladies at the Clinique counter at the local department store in this super small town I lived in during high school. I pretty much knew nothing outside of what they told me, and maybe some tips from a few YouTube beauty gurus. Recently I’ve been learning a lot from Charlotte Palermino. Applying skincare, especially serums like hyaluronic acid, to wet skin can help the goodnes absorb and work its way into the skin. She calls it ‘slugging’ and now I don’t go a night without it.”

Sydney, Digital Marketing Assistant


Britta Plug introduced me to the importance of movement in the skin. That massage, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are vital to skin health. Allowing yourself to enter the parasympathetic nervous is incredibly healing for the skin, mind and body.”

Michele, Holistic Esthetician


“I started coming to Shop Good for facials and my skin completely changed! I suffered from acne and hormonal imbalance and, former S/G Holistic Esthetician, Ashley Wittke just took care of me and my skin by giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed!”

Culli, Product Expert


My mom always taught me to never pick my breakouts and to ice them instead to prevent scars. She also never let me touch my brows growing up & I am so thankful for that now an adult!”

Anita, Holistic Esthetician


Into the Gloss, books/reading and Emma Hoareau (@emmahoareau)  – “Into the Gloss was a big part of learning about different products, tips and tricks and unveiling all the passed down knowledge shared from family members, dermatologists, makeup artists, etc. It was a hub of shared information and when I’d read the articles it always felt like I was talking to a friend. Also, books from the public library or online articles. Skincare knowledge/advice was something I discovered all on my own. It started in highschool with making sure I’d wash my face… then it blossomed from there and it’s still going! Also, miss Emma Hoareau on Instagram is one of my favorites – tres chic, knowledgable, chill. We’re besties (even if she doesn’t know it ;P)”

Samantha, Product Expert


“I had previously never gotten a facial that left my skin glowing, happy, and healthy. My facials always left my skin red and irritated, with a lot of residual breakouts that followed. S/G Holistic Esthetician, January Armstrong took a completely different approach to my skin and worked on nourishing and soothing vs. attacking my problem areas and it made all the difference. She also reminds me when my skin is dry and dehydrated and makes me drink my water which I’m grateful for!”

Nikki, Store Manager



Ready for your next #skinschool lesson? Stop in and chat with our Product Experts or book a facial with our Holistic Estheticians!

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