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All the Details: Maca


We’re kicking off a new series, where we delve deep into superfoods and nutritional powerhouses that light up our bodies from the inside-out. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll help you lean in to what keeps us glowy and vivacious. Now, time to dish–

Did you know that as women, each week our hormones are fluctuating based on our impending menstruation? Sometimes estrogen plays a starring role, other times its progesterone and testosterone. Our bodies utilize these hormones to send vital messages across the wavelengths of our body, in order to perform thousands and thousands of enzymatic reactions every day. It’s pretty incredible! The last thing we’d want to do is disrupt this seamless communication system, but the modern American Diet plus the piles of stress that seem to be lurking around every corner have us all feeling more than a tad burnt out, certainly affecting this scientific game of telephone.

Enter, Maca! A root found in the Andes Mountains, this golden treasure is the ultimate multi-tasker, working as an adaptogen to balance out stress, aids in reproductive function and libido, fights chronic fatigue and helps the endocrine system aka the home-base of your hormones. Its nutrition profile is equally awe-inspiring, boasting amino acids, vitamins B, C, D and E, and essential fatty acids.

Maca works wonders to ease PMS symptoms and menopause, as well as a smart addition to your pre-workout smoothie. We always throw a teaspoon into our daily tonics or green smoothies, as it adds a nutty kick that pairs well with cacao, medicinal mushrooms, or coffee. This simple tonic is a delectable blend for your morning, and consistent use of this superfood will supercharge your days for more focus, energy and overall balance.

Vegan Hot Chocolate

a la mindbodygreen

-1 cup of almond milk, warmed in a saucepan

-1 teaspoon maca

-1 teaspoon raw cacao

-1 pinch of cinnamon


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