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Summer Is Finally Here: All Hail the Green Queen


Its officially SUMMER.  And we’re constantly evolving our beauty routines to meet our skin needs year-round.  And for every mood, season or ailment we, of course, have unearthed a quick fix ingredient for that. With the Summer equinox finally here, your complexion may be on the mind, and that heat wave or heavy humid air hasn’t played nice with our skin in the past.  

An ingredient to avoid Summer heat breakouts and encourage regeneration?  Where do we sign?

Green Clay  is here to detox, repair and refresh your skin and has become our newest obsession and newest addition the shop, featured in our Urb Apothecary Lavender Match Mask!

Green Clay is harvested from our fave mother earth and is created by its materials of decomposed plant matter and iron oxides. These properties work to enrich through the clay’s ability to renew and regenerating itself; exactly what we’re always in need of after a long week. Green clay also acts as a natural magnet due to its ionic charge. The Iconic charge works to rids toxins, detoxifies and even repairs skin inside and out.  


The clay is on another level, (a micro molecule level, that is!) which is responsible for removing excess oil and promotes the optimal function of oil glands. Its ailing properties also are responsible for increasing circulation and stimulating fresh blood to damaged skin cells to repair.

Alright, want in on this? Here are three ways to use green clay in your beauty and wellness routine:

  1. Use it in a face mask! Allowing the green clay to absorb into the skin for an extended period of time helps to stimulate the repairing of old or dead skin cells. Our favorite way to mask with green clay is in our Lavender Matcha Face Mask.
  2. Cleanse your digestive tract with the clay by mixing one teaspoon of a green clay powder like this into 8oz of water or juice. Let this mixture sit overnight and drink on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  3. Boost your green clay skincare usage by following up with Wildcare’s Lemon Light Hydrosol to further increase cellular turnover and hold proper pH balance of the skin’s surface.

Keep this all-in-one skin-saving ingredient on hand as Summer sets in — and you’ll be manifesting clear and bright skin before this long day is through  — approximately 12 hours and 7 minutes long on today’s magical Equinox!!  Questions or comments on this #beautyfood regimen? Tried it yourself? Leave a comment below!

Feature art Via: Tom Abiss Smith