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Routine to Ritual

Sometimes, taking time for yourself and your skin can seem like more of a chore than a treat. With busy work schedules, kids back to school, and countless activities back in swing, it can be difficult to prioritize Y-O-U. If this sounds a bit too familiar, read on for a few tips on how to transform your skincare routine into a ritual you won’t want to miss.

High vibe skin tips ahead…


SET THE MOOD / Slow North – ‘Rosemary Lemon Candle’

Turn on some music (queue our Shop Good PM playlist on Spotify!), take a few deeeep belly breaths, and don’t forget to light your fav candle. This is your time to dim the outside world and focus on the here and now. The uplifting scent of rosemary and lemon essential oils are designed to transform any space… and the candlelight will *instantly* elevate the mood.


CLEANSE LIKE YOU MEAN IT / Tata Harper – ‘Softening Cleanser’

Rinse your face with warm water, while imagining you’re washing away the day’s worries with it. Add a few pumps of this nourishing cleanser to the palm of your hands + massage onto the face and neck in circular motions, for a full 60 seconds. Gently remove with a warm washcloth. Appreciate the calm, clean and conditioned feeling of your skin.

BE INTENTIONAL / Linne Botanicals – ‘Renew Serum’

Is your skin feeling dry? Congested? Dull? Pay attention to how your skin looks + feels. Appreciate what you see in the mirror and what you feel beneath your fingertips. And, make sure to reach for products that will address what your skin is feeling in that very moment. When in doubt, reach for a multi-purpose serum like Renew to hydrate, brighten *and* reduce inflammation.

MASSAGE + MORE MASSAGE / Monastery – ‘Gold Botanical Oil Serum’

With a unique blend of vitamin and nutrient-rich oils, this oil truly is liquid gold. Spend a few minutes massaging a few pumps into the skin. This will stimulate blood flow and release any tension you’ve been carrying in your face, leaving you blissful and ready to turn in for the night.


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