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How to Have the Best Beauty Sleep Ever


Sleep? Not much right now. You’re either on the fold-out sofa with your sister or stuffing earplugs in at 6am because the nieces and nephews are all awake. You say… “I’ll sleep in January!”  We say… “not only can we send you off to sleep, but boost skin health while at it! Here’s a Holistic Esthetician’s guide to the Multitasker’s Best Beauty Sleep Ever:

Hydrate while you sleep. 
You’ve been so good. You drank all your water, ate all your fruits and veggies, took your supplements and your skin is still dry. A face mask like Botnia’s Hydration Now can help add that boost of hydration your skin is craving, overnight!  Simply throw on the the gel-based mask and let it set on your skin all night. With potent amounts of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3, this mask will provide your skin with ultimate nourishment and work on suppleness and plumping while you ‘zzz’. Plus, its handcrafted rose extract and geranium hydrosol will work to nurture skin by healing and fighting inflammation. Wash away in the morning. Volia!


Remember the overnight toothpaste trick for lingering and frustrating zits? Welcome to clean 2017. Province Apothecary’s Clear Skin Acne Treatment is specially formulated with powerful organic Turmeric and potent anti-bacterial plant botanicals to soothe even the most deep-rooted problems.  This tiny but mighty product is known to effectively address all kinds of blemishes, even the cystic ones. Just one drop is all you need to dramatically minimize the appearance and lifespan. So, you can sleep soundly without nightmares of spots worsening over night.

spot treatment

Calm yourself.
Ditch the red wine night cap for a night or two. Allow Ashwagandha (a powerful whole system soother) ginger (a nighttime digestive aid) Cardamom (helps the body eliminate toxins and combat depression) and Cassia cinnamon (lowers blood sugar and cholesterol) send you off to sleep instead! Moondeli’s Calming Adaptogenic Blend is a perfect way to calm the adrenals and slow the body down before you hit the pillow. Results range from deeper sleep to feeling less puffy in the morning. Plus, when mixed with warm nut or coconut milk (or even just water!) it tastes like a decadent chai nighttime dessert.

calming adaptogen

Revive those eyes.
Let’s get two things straight. One, it’s never ‘too soon’ to start using eye cream. And two, eye cream is not just for aging skin. Berlin Skin agrees and thinks eye cream should be stimulating, uplifting and work to combat any puffiness or under-eye circles.  Their Cocoa Eye Butter is an exceptional treatment to deeply hydrate the delicate eye area and when worn overnight, its cocoa butter, vitamin c, carrot seed oil works to reduce inflammation and even brighten under-eye circles from long nights.

eye butter berlin skin

Spritz, spritz, sleep!
We know the smell of lavender is soothing in nature. And in this pretty amber bottle, it’s organic herbal contents fall nothing short of cooling and calming, cuing the body for a truly restful sleep. Grown in Wildcare’s California garden and slowly distilled, their Purple Majesty Lavender Hydrosol transforms into an incredibly fragrant and rich honey aroma. ‘Hi, where’s the pillow?’  What’s more? Nightly usage of this fine face and skin mist can naturally balance PH, sooth sunburns & bites, and kick any bacterial or viral activity to the curb, combating acne or skin congestion overnight!

hydrosol lavender


Queen of Holiday multitasking? Now you can complete your skincare regimen while you ‘zzz’. This girl is on fire! (and oh-so rested.)


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