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Healthy Home: January at Shop Good!

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From Our Founder

Welcome to a brand new year! I am so glad you’re here kicking off 2023 with us. We have SO much *good* in store for the year ahead… I seriously can’t wait to dive in and share it all with you.

But if you’re feeling worn down versus revived as this new year commences, know you are not alone. The holidays take their toll and our bodies are so energetically tied to seasonal shifts. Our daylight hours are still limited and the colder, dryer weather pulls us inward too… …may I suggest cozying up, lighting a Shop Good candle, and having a hydrating-mask-night-in?

Instead of placing pressure on ourselves to charge powerfully into the new year, or fight that urge to cocoon, why not align our actions with what our bodies are asking for?

This month, I’m inviting you to turn within. To focus on that sacred space of yours. To take the month to tend to both our immediate physical surroundings… and those bodies we call home.

Welcome to Healthy Home and January at Shop Good!

We’ll start the year off with a BIG name in shop (see below!), as he encourages us to care for our entire body, just like we do our faces. We’ll provide effortless ways to update your physical space for the most nourishing and healing vibes. And we’ll support you in tending to your mind space as you turn the page, revealing a new year of self-love and endless possibilities.

Your body is your temple. Together, let’s harness the power of new beginnings and focus on caring for our four walls we call home… so that we can care for one another more than ever in 2023.


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