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1 Q, 1 A: What is He Shou Wu?


Q: What is He Shou Wu?

A: You may or may not be familiar with the onslaught of tonics/elixirs/medicinal herbs/supplements that the chic wellness set are buzzing over. (If you’re out of the loop, no worries, and check out here and here for an adaptogenic awakening).

While rushing in head first to buy a pantry full of these items could feel like the perfect balance of indulgence and self-care, it’s worth it to do a bit of research beforehand to decide which “dust” might be the transformational ingredient for YOUR body. The name of the game, after all, is bio-individuality!

We thought we’d begin your foray into transcendent ingredients with He Shou Wu, an ancient traditional chinese herb that, when used regularly, has all the power of the best beauty foods on the planet.

The run down on its magic:

~strengthens the Qi energy, can tonify and nourish the kidneys, liver, and blood, aka the detoxifying agents that keep your bod clean (and lean!)

~used for centuries for anti-aging properties because of its high levels of zinc and iron, which help to banish free-radicals

~though it’s not a stimulant, it is one of the most energizing herbs on the planet, while calming the nervous system + improving adrenal gland function

~integral in hormone function(for both males + females), sex drive, and reproductive health. Perfect as an AM tonic for couples!


1 tsp He Shou Wu

1 tsp Sun Potion tocos

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/2 cup purified water

3 shakes of cinnamon (amazing for PMS cramps and nixing sugar cravings!)

1 shake nutmeg

Blend on high.

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