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Bugs for Better Skin

By now, probiotics have earned a spot *front and center* in our wellness cabinets. But in recent years, the microbiome conversation has shifted beyond the gut – and these friendly micro-organisms are now being infused into our topical products.

So, what purpose are probiotics *actually* serving in our skincare? From fighting off free radicals to reducing acne… to even functioning as effective preserving agents! Products with the ideal kind of probiotic strains deserve to be part of your daily regimen.

Probiotics for the face…


TO PROTECT / The Nue Co – ‘Barrier Culture Cleanser’

Oftentimes, cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oils (and bacteria) – welcoming dryness, sensitivity, acne + more. Reach for a probiotic-infused cleanser like this one, with Lactobacillus ferment + Radish Root ferment to keep the skin’s protective barrier in tip-top shape (aka skin that protects against external damaging factors like free radicals, sun + pollution!).


TO BANISH ACNE / Tata Harper – ‘Purifying Face Mask’

Topical probiotics can help keep acne at bay by preventing the bad bacteria from provoking an immune reaction – in other words less inflammation, redness + bumps. This purifying mask contains Lactobacillus and fermented fruit extracts to help treat inflamed + congested skin, while still nurturing the beneficial flora! Talk about a win-win.


TO PRESERVE / Botnia – ‘Daily Face Cream Light’

Probiotics in skincare can also function as skin-friendly + effective preservatives. Botnia uses Radish + Coconut-derived Lactobacillus Ferment to ward off bad + dangerous bacteria from forming in their products, like in our fav Daily Face Cream Light. The microbiome-balancing benefits these ferments have on the health of our skin is an added bonus!


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