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Our Skin Stories

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Our Shop Good Holistic Estheticians are here to comfort, educate, and empower you to care for your skin. And while they may seem to have all the answers, they too struggle with their own skin woes! Each of our Holistic Estheticians has a unique skin story that brought them to where they are today. Hear their stories…and the tools that keep their skin + souls nourished. We’re in this together, beauty!


Ashley’s Skin Story / Berlin Skin ‘Sandalwood Cream’Being 32 weeks pregnant, my skin has seen the glowiest of days and also the complete opposite – red, inflamed acne + dryness. I’ve tried my best to not uproot my entire regimen when my skin fluctuates and simply focus on nourishing and healing products.This cream has been my constant staple – it provides deep hydration thanks to the hyaluronic acid. Ingredients like turmeric + thyme help treat my occasional hormonal breakout naturally!

January’s Skin Story / Agent Nateur ‘Holi(Water)’Because of my combination skin, managing breakouts and giving my skin enough hydration have always been my two biggest challenges. Since introducing this toner to my daily lineup, I’ve been able to keep my skin balanced and breakouts to a minimum – all thanks to the healing properties of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, pitaya, rosa damascena oil + pearl powder. Don’t forget to layer on your moisturizer to seal in all the goodness!

Mallory’s Skin Story / Botnia ‘Clarity Oil’It took me years to learn that my acne battle was directly caused by my skin’s incredibly delicate moisture barrier. At the first sign of dehydration, my skin flares in red patches, dermatitis, and breakouts. This oil has been my skin-savior. With a combination of black cumin seed oil, goldenseal and comfrey, it aids in decongesting the skin + reducing inflammation.

Lauren’s Skin Story / Noshaba Apothecary ‘Sommer Serum’ – As I healed my skin from a tough year of struggling with hormone fluctuations + cystic acne, my main goal is smoothing texture and fading some trauma scarring on my cheeks. I’ve become obsessed with Noshaba’s Sommer serum due to its brightening abilities via high Vitamin C-rich tamanu oil, plus vitamin E for healing + moisture and powerful antioxidants from African marigolds. I find the scent so intoxicating and it provides me a skin ritual that I look forward to everyday.


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