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The Fierceness That is Fiber


Repeat after us: make friends with your hormones. When they are in harmony, your energy feels infinite, you feel lighter and sexier, and you have the clarity and focus to kill it at work. SO, if it’s something on your to-do list, let’s help you knock it out with this multi-tasking nutrient: fiber.

Fiber is the roughage part of the plant, a component of veggies, fruits, beans and lentils that your body does not digest. Its importance in your diet comes from the journey it takes through your body, becoming a magnet for excess hormones, cholesterol, toxins and waste.

Why are excess hormones a bad thing? Imbalanced hormones can cause acne, unwanted facial hair, mood swings, PMS, fibroids, medical issues, and even some cancers. Luckily, mother nature thought of everything. Dietary fiber called lignin, found in flax seeds, lentils and beans, binds to excess estrogen made from the liver and relieves them from our digestive tract. Fiber also regulates testosterone by creating SHBG, a protein that helps reduce acne, regulate ovulation and fertility. Finally, fiber also regulates blood sugar which helps with PMS symptoms. Convinced of its magic yet?

We can’t leave you just yet without touting its connection with balancing your gut. Here’s the quick and dirty: dietary fiber helps maintain the microflora and feeds the live bacteria in your gut, which helps to keep an overload estrogen at bay and out of circulation. It’s simple math: fiber + probiotics = better immune function!

All in all, incorporating delicious foods like chickpeas, chia seeds, lentils, flax, avocado, artichokes, pears and black beans in your meals each day will greatly enhance your well-being. If you are concerned about that bloated feeling that might surface when adding more fiber, befriend fresh ginger. Throw in teas, green juices and stir fries for all your happy digestion needs.

A Breakfast for Fiber Champs

Begin with a warm mug of water and lemon (bonus points for gut-loving apple cider vinegar!)

Stir together a morning superfood bowl of hemp and chia seeds, avocado, goji berries and almonds (recipe here!)

Now you’re out the door with stable blood sugar, and a mega dose of fiber that will celebrate your digestion, aid in toxic unload and balance hormones. Yum on so many levels!


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