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Pregnancy + Skincare

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If you’re expecting, (!!!) you shouldn’t necessarily always expect that ‘pregnancy glow‘ too. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey accompanied by many hormonal changes, which in turn can affect your skin in different ways. Common pregnancy-related skin issues may include dryness, hormonal acne, melasma, increased oil production and general inflammation. While we recommend you cater your skin care regimen to this unique time in your life, choosing products that are safe for you *and* your developing baby is also key.

Remember: no pregnancy journey is the same, so there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to an optimal pregnancy skin care regimen. We recommend nourishing and plant-based products that support you and your special journey.

Supported skin ahead…


Gentle acne-fighter… / Botnia ‘Clarity Oil’ – Your new go-to oil for hormonal acne minus ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy (like salicylic acid!). Thanks to its antibacterial properties from Black Cumin and Goldenseal, this oil will help decongest all stages and forms of acne while Comfrey helps strengthen and heal stressed + barrier compromised skin.

Dry skin…be gone!Josh Rosebrook ‘Advanced Hydration Mask’Skin feeling like a dry desert? Retain + replenish your skin’s hydration weekly with this moisture rich mask. Indian Senna Seed (nature’s hyaluronic acid) enhances your skin’s ability to hydrate and hold moisture. This mask will also improve skin circulation, supporting healthy dermal function + preventing potential breakouts!

Soothe inflammation…Wonder Valley ‘Oil Cleanser’ – Experiencing inflammation? Best approach here is to keep things simple + gentle. This antioxidant-rich cleanser (with ingredients like geranium, avocado + olive oils) can help strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier aiding in soothing redness + irritation. If you’re experiencing acne associated inflammation, this cleanser can also help decongest and provide antimicrobial properties, without stripping your skin.

Balance excess oil!Botnia ‘Daily Face Cream Light’ – You may be producing more oil than ever before (thanks to our hormones) – and that may entice us to avoid moisturizing all together! But, moisturizing properly can actually *help* balance out your oil production! Botnia’s mattifying moisturizer delivers just the right amount of moisture + minerals while introducing just enough oil to offer protection from the environment after cleansing

Prevent mama melasma…goop ‘Vitamin C + HA Glow Serum’ – Melasma (aka ‘the mask of pregnancy’) tops the list for the most common pregnancy skin concern. Vitamin C is key here. It can help reduce the appearance of many forms of hyperpigmentation. The good news? You don’t have to ditch this powerful ingredient once baby is here! The unique two-part design of this serum maximizes potency + freshness, delivering a serum that stays active all the way through its shelflife. Win-win!

On the offense!Tata Harper ‘Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil’Using pregnancy-safe products doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations. Your skin care regimen can still pack a punch when utilizing the power of plants! This oil is your natural retin-a/retinol alternative, allowing you to combat uneven skin texture and softening the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Naturally derived from rosehips, vitamins A + C can help to provide that external ‘mama-to-be’ glow!

*Although these products are deemed pregnancy safe, we always recommending consulting with your health care provider on the topical + internal ingredients that are best for you and your body.


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