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Six Ways to Love Up on your Liver


Maybe it’s one of the lesser sexy organs, but your liver is essential to making you feel your hottest. Why? It’s a part of your elimination system, which include the large intestine and the lymphatic system. We NEED these to work seamlessly in order to get rid of excess estrogen, a hormone that, when overloaded in the body, is the basis for a plethora of chronic diseases, certain cancers and hormonal imbalance. Instead of diving into some extremist juice cleanse, we can gently and with intention, support our liver on the daily to feel lighter, healthier and all around glow-ier.

Milk Thistle: Containing the powerful antioxidant sylmarin, milk thistle is a critical herb we love to turn to for liver support. Sylmarin helps to regenerate the detoxing properties of the liver and this plant is so powerful that it is a prescribed medication in Europe. The supplement shields the liver from pollutants in the environment and the harmful effects of fatty liver from alcohol damage, making it a superb choice as a pre-tox measure before a night out with the girls.

Glutathione: This under-the-radar antioxidant is a major powerhouse in the liver detoxification process, and can be found in some of our FAVORITE foods, like avocados, broccoli, melon, apples, and asparagus. Its resume includes protecting DNA from free-radical damage, rocking at de-flaming the immune system, and neutralizing + destroying heavy metals in the body that contribute to chronic disease. The catch is, as we age, we produce less and less of the nutrient. Exercise amps up production of glutathione, as well as reducing your consumption of daily toxins (helllllo, Shop Good!) and using your diet to incorporate this miracle worker.

Beet: Multi-colored in hue and distinctive in taste, the root vegetable is in constant rotation on our plates for its ability to cleanse the liver. We can thank the beet for its betaine (eliminates toxins), pectin (a fiber that helps to clear toxins from the body) and betalains (anti-inflammatory pigments that expedite the detoxification process). Above all, it’s incredibly versatile and can be thrown in juices, soups, or– our personal favorite–fermented and tossed atop our greenest salads.

Cilantro: The chemical compounds in this bitter herb are famous for binding and loosening the toxic metals hidden deep in your body, healing it from mercury poisoning and chronic inflammation, among others. Not only is it a YES for the liver, it also helps to regulate blood sugar, can lower LDL(or the bad) cholesterol, aid in hormonal balance and is high in iron and magnesium, micronutrients important for digestion and sleep. Throw an entire cup of cilantro in a smoothie with mango and coconut water for unbelievable system support.

MSM: Though our noses may turn up when sulfur is in our midst, the mineral is in fact necessary for beautifying our skin/hair/nail situation. MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a sulfuric compound found in all vertebrates and is known to help in healing inflammatory issues and other degenerative diseases. In terms of the liver, MSM helps make its own antioxidants, therefore it floods the body with enzymatic reactions for cell turnover and rids it of unwanted toxins. Sulfur-rich foods include garlic, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. If you’re really vying for optimal levels ,a powder supplement could be a good call.

Digestive Bitters: Processed sugar is certainly on the enemy list of the liver, as it hinders the detoxifying system and overtime can blind your body’s natural intuition for hunger and satiation. One way to combat the cravings comes by way of digestive bitters. This concoction, with herbs like dandelion root, ginger and fennel are praised for their gentle detoxing capabilities and their complex flavors wake up the digestive system + get it working and flushing out the bad. Place this liquid supplement directly on your tongue before meals or to stave off those longing looks you’re giving the vending machine.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re serious about giving your body the uplift/revamp/recharge it deserves, explore our health coaching programs. Together, we can help transform your health and you can finally regain control of your busy, fabulous life!


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