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This Vitamin is a Game-Changer


It’s a mad, mad world when it comes to vitamins and supplements. How do we sift through what is life-affirming and over-the-top-transformational, from the other end of the spectrum (just making our pee obscenely pricey)?

One vitamin in particular, though, makes us stand proud and tall to declare its efficacy for your wellness: Vitamin B12. Found exclusively in animal products, and made by the bacteria through their intestines, this vitamin is the only one that we cannot attain from plants and sunlight.

Unfortunately, even meat eaters may experience a deficiency due to the epidemic of poor gut health, leading to malabsorption. In addition, the science of methylation suggests that thousands of us are missing an important gene that helps filter out the toxins of the environment– which potentially wreaks havoc on B12 levels as well.

Your bod craves B12 for critical nervous system function, and when levels aren’t optimal, the symptoms mimic signs of aging like fatigue, lethargy, depression and brain fog.

To maximize your efforts and flood your system with B12 and folate (not folic acid), here are some tips:

– Eat organic, grass-fed meat, poultry, and egg yolksChoose fresh fish; oily options like sardines are chock-full of B12

– Work to limit your caffeine intake, which can deplete B vitamins (we’ve got ideas!)

– Improve stomach acid by using digestive bitters

– Support your gut health with probiotics and bone broth (recipe here!)

– Supplement with sublingual drops, making sure it is methyl-B12 for ultimate absorption, or for a more pernicious deficiency, consider B12 shots

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