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Palermo Body

Aromatherapy Oil Roller


Palermo’s aromatherapy oils are harmoniously blended for solidarity of the senses and evoking nostalgia. Available in 4 blends.

Harmonizing: A centering aromatherapeutic blend of geranium, chamomile, + cedarwood oils. For cultivating balance, alignment, and self-love. This comforting, fortifying blend promotes resiliency and inner peace, making space for discovery and contentment. Bold and subtle, earthy and bright, this nuanced blend is ideal for centering yourself and restoring inner harmony. 

Vitality: A romantic aromatherapeutic blend of jasmine, sandalwood + cardamom oils. For unlocking spontaneity, creativity, and curiosity. This inspiring floral blend helps to quell nervous energy while stirring the imagination and promoting inner-confidence. The grounding, full-bodied essential oils linger on the skin for hours, making it double as an excellent natural perfume. Use this oil whenever you need a touch of spirit and romance.

Tranquility: A calming aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, blue yarrow + cypress oils. For soothing nervous exhaustion, relieving anxiety, and finding moments of stillness. This relaxation blend promotes emotional wellbeing and peaceful introspection. The calming, grounding essential oils make it ideal for bedtime routines, meditation practices, or anytime you need a bit of repose.

Sacred: For inner peace, serenity, and introspection. Ignite a spark of clarity with every inhalation. Sacred Aromatherapy Oil serves as a beacon for inspiration, inviting you to delve into the depths of self-discovery and contemplation. Allow the aroma to guide you on a journey within, unlocking your inner wisdom and fostering a sense of ease.

Apply to pulse points, temples, and chest. Breathe in and enjoy!

Harmonizing – geranium, white lotus, cedar wood
Vitality – jasmine, sandalwood, cardamom
Tranquility – lavender, blue yarrow, cypress
Sacred -white sage, tansy, frankincense

Full Ingredient List: caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), proprietary blend of essential oils and absolutes


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the Brand

Inspired by her grandmother’s value of fresh and natural ingredients for cooking, Jessica created truly clean and pure skincare products to promote a holistic lifestyle. Each of her products are made and packaged with attention and style in Brooklyn, NY.

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