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Influencers x Wellness Warriors: Nikki Metzger–Women’s Health Next Fitness Star

Talk about having a killer year. Nikki Metzger, Nike Master Trainer and owner of the Scottsdale, Arizona gym, BODI– a high-energy, community-driven studio with a focus on HIIT workouts and badass props like tires, ropes and pull-up bars — earned the title of Women’s Health Next Fitness Star 2015.The competition was tough — thousands of studio owners and fitness mavens submitted videos, and after being nominated in the top 5, Metzger garnered the interest of her impressive social media following and devoted BODI fam to vote her the winner, which was announced on The Today Show. Not only are her workouts ALWAYS unique and challenging, it’s Metzger’s infectious positivity and zest that has made BODI a staple in the fitness scene. Hands-down, it’s one of my absolute FAVORITE studios and it’s with great pleasure that I was able to interview this Scottsdale star!

1. Can you take us through your journey of how you became so passionate about fitness?

I’ve been active my entire life dancing and playing sports and ever since I was 12 I have wanted to open my own fitness studio, which is so cool that my end goal has stayed so consistent since such a young age. There were other jobs and opportunities that pulled me away during this journey, but those jobs also built me into a better business woman. With hard work and consistency in my plan, my dream finally came true January 2014!

2. What is the most rewarding– and most challenging– part about owning your own business?

Most Rewarding: I love teaching. People often tell me my classes are the best part of their day and for me that’s all the motivation I need to be the best trainer ever!

Challenging: Making sure you are keeping classes fresh and fun. People can get bored quickly and want to switch to a different gym. With that said, I’m always working to come up with fresh moves, equipment and formats.

3. Can you take us through how you became a Nike Master Trainer and what you’ve learned through that role and from the other women?

Nike found me when I was living in Chicago, I got a call from them saying they heard about me and my classes and wanted to set up a meeting. I went to their corporate office in Chicago and the meeting went amazing! From there I started worked as a brand ambassador for them just wearing their clothes, then a few months later was trained as one of the NTC Nike Training Club trainers and then a few months from there they asked me to fly out the World Headquarters in Portland to become a master trainer which was a dream come true! It all happened so quickly and was definitely one of the highlights in my fitness career. Working with Nike, I get to work with the best athletic brand in the world and best trainers in the world. We all bring different strengths to the table and are all better trainers because of each other.

4. You just wrapped up the making of your DVD for Women’s HealthIgnite.What was that experience like and what was your favorite part?

The whole experience was amazing and I still don’t know if it truly hit me. Everything from flying out to NYC the first time to meeting all of the girls to doing editorial and video shoots. I think seeing myself on the cover when I went to grocery stores had to be one of my favorite “OMG” moments. Just being narrowed down to 5 finalists was good enough for me but then I won! I was in complete shock when my name was announced live on the Today Show. It’s just one of those things you think “I’m not going to win, that’s not going to happen to me”-type moments. Since I won in August, I started working right away on creating my DVD and then went to NYC in October to film it and also shoot the January issue of Women’s Health Mag (8 pg spread available on stands now). As a fitness professional this is a dream come true and such a cool experience to be able to work with some of the best people in the industry.

5. How has nutrition played a role in your wellness game?

Nutrition is EVERYTHING if you really want results. But hey, I’m human and I like pizza, chocolate and wine too! So I live by the 90/10 rule. Eating lean, clean & green 90% of the time and letting myself indulge the other 10%.

6. BODI is all about building a better booty; what are 3 of your favorite moves to work your glutes?

Squats, Deadlifts, step-ups & glute raises. Okay that’s 4 😉

7. What is your favorite post-workout meal and favorite song of the moment to workout to?

Chicken and veggies, you can never go wrong! I make a new workout playlist every week but there is always one song I turn to when I really need that extra push, Jungleby X Ambassadors

8. What are some of your next big goals you want to accomplish for BODI and for your brand?

This past year has been the best year of my life and I’m so excited to keep hustling and see what the future brings. One thing’s for sure, I have no plans of slowing down and truly believe the best is yet to come! My future dream is to continue to have the “best gym in Scottsdale” and change the lives of my members inside and outside of the gym. I want to be able to reach people all over the world, bring out their inner athletes and make sure they have a blast while working out! I eventually want to have a bigger & better BODI in old town and make it my dream facility!

If you want more Nikki–of course you do!–buy her DVD, Ignite on Women’s Health. Hurry, hurry!!

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