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‘Good Talks’ with Josefina Sanders


Happy September, Shop Good Gang! 

Before we jump in, let’s pause together… *Breathe in, breathe out* Ahhh. Isn’t that lovely?

This month’s theme comes at the perfect time — I think we all need a little refocusing + intentional TLC. Today we’re talking with Josefina Sanders, a wellness advocate, writer, + artist hailing from Tampa, Florida. Josefina is the founder of Love Offering, a collection of poetry + art designed to aid others in processing the emotions that come with all of life’s ups and downs (her IG is like bathing in encouragement—a must follow for sure!). She’s an author of two publications: “The Mourning Sister – A Journey of Grief and Joy” and ”Replenish: a 180 Day Self Care Planner”, with one more on the way (sneak peek of what this will be below!). We’ve been so inspired + encouraged by Josefina’s incredible gift, and we can’t think of a better voice to uplift + partner with for this month’s theme of Self Care. 

You don’t want to miss out on the gold Josefina shares with us today! So sit down + get cozy somewhere with something comforting to sip, + savor every word. 

Introducing September’s Good Talks guest, Josefina Sanders of Love Offering:


SG: Tell us a little about who you are + your journey to becoming a writer/artist/wellness advocate.
Josefina: Friends and family call me Fina. I’m a writer, artist, wellness advocate and art therapy student living in Tampa, Florida. My journey to becoming who I am right now goes all the way back to my childhood. As a youngin’ I loved drawing and writing. I would make up stories and rip pages out of magazines, and attempt to draw them. It was my creative outlet. But, I put it aside when being told that art and writing wouldn’t make me successful. I picked art and writing back up in my late twenties after being diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and after walking through a miscarriage with my husband. My healing journey has inspired me to share healing with others while encouraging others to find a creative outlet (in whatever way that looks like)

SG: What inspires your work? Where does most of your inspiration come from?
Josefina: My inspiration comes from personal experiences. It stems from heartbreak and healing. It comes from my journey of grief and joy. Trauma that I have experienced and things that I am currently walking through. Whenever I create, I ask myself what do I need, and grant myself the opportunity to tend my needs while mutually receiving inspiration. I also get inspired by nature around me and the slow moments that life brings.


SG: Fill in the blank: Self care means ___________. And do you have a self care ritual/routine you can share with us?
Josefina: self care means healing. If I am currently in a place where I am chasing healing that means I am allowing myself to receive care. My self-care changes every day, because my needs look different every day. But part of my ritual looks like filling out my self-care planner to keep myself accountable on taking care, and setting up my self-care alarm clock that my dear friend Alex encouraged me to do.

SG: Why is self care an important practice to advocate for in this time?
Josefina: I think that so many people confuse self-care with Netflix and Chill. Spending + Splurging on all these amazing things. And while that’s fun, for those who can afford it, the truth is that self-care is taking care of your mind, body, and soul. It’s taking time to fill up, heal, and walk in freedom. It’s hard work, heart work, and soul work. Self-Care is so important to practice because we all need to recharge. I like to say, charge as much as you charge your phone. THAT IS EVERY DAY, but a lot of times we think that self-care is for those who have money, or it’s a reward. The truth is that it’s not. In fact it is necessary for us to be able to truly live our best lives, and fully show up. Everyone benefits off of self-care and I advocate for it because there are many people who look like me that have little understanding on what taking care looks like.


SG: What is your definition of success? What do you consider your most recent accomplishment? (this can be anything! Within business, your own personal health goals, family, etc.)
Josefina: My definition of success is living out your dreams despite fear. It is doing what you were called to do despite doubt. And pushing yourself beyond limits. One of my most recent accomplishments was being able to complete my second book “cuidate: an ode to soul care”. I am currently in school full time, I am a foster parent, and I was able to release my first bilingual poetry & prose book and I am extremely proud of finishing it.

SG: What is your #1 go-to self-care practice right now?
Josefina: My number one self-care practice right now is sleeping with my phone in a different room and drinking some warm tea before going to bed. Being able to sleep and wake up  without the constant light up or vibration of my phone has allowed me to ease into the night and go to sleep peacefully – with no distractions.


SG: You are an advocate for wellness and have been open about your struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s likely that most of us are experiencing anxiety to some degree just given the current state of our world. What is something that has helped you process and manage your mental health?
Josefina: Therapy!!! Therapy has kept me sane in the midst of the unknown. It’s allowed me to have a safe space to process my feelings and thoughts. 

SG: You are currently an art therapy student — so incredible! What is an easy way we can practice art therapy at home?
Josefina: Grab some paper, pens, markers, crayons, anything you have in hand and create some abstract art. I love buying canvases and painting them and writing words of encouragement to myself. Another fun thing to do would be allowing yourself to learn a new art medium.

SG: What brings you joy and makes you feel alive?
Josefina:  Waking up to the ocean is so encouraging to my soul. Outside of being at the beach, tending my plants brings me so much joy. I love watching some of them come back to life. I love getting to know them. Oh, and I feel alive when I do some home decorating, it’s so fun.


SG: Just for fun, how do you take your coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, what’s your go-to drink of choice for a pick me up?
Josefina: Ohhh this one is easy. I love to grind my coffee beans with nutmeg and cinnamon, and mix it with some almond milk. So yummy, and just to give it flavor and make it pretty, I love adding dried roses or lavender. 


Oh my goodness, that was refreshing! I’m still taking notes over here. What spoke to you guys? I loved this wonderful reminder about self care from Josefina: “It’s taking time to fill up, heal, and walk in freedom.Wow, so powerful! I am personally so motivated to re-evaluate my own self care rituals after this Good Talk with Josefina, + I hope you are too. It’s so vital!

If you’d like to recreate Josefina’s self care rituals, we highly recommend snagging her Self Care planner, “Replenish”, and a box of Bon Temps tea for a slowdown, evening ritual. 

An enthusiastic Shop Good “THANK YOU” to Josefina for her bravery + generosity in sharing her gift with us. If you’d like to follow Josefina + Love Offering, you can follow her on IG @loveoffering or on the web at

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