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The mask-acne struggle


Maskne… it’s real!

If you’re experiencing unwanted bumps, redness, irritation or dehydration after wearing your protective face mask, you’re not alone because, we’re in this together. Here’s the 411 on how to keep your skin happy, while staying safe, too.


1. Foundation free – If you’re experiencing breakouts… ditch the full-face makeup and reach for a tinted SPF instead. Wearing foundation + concealer under your mask for long periods of time can cause excess oil, makeup + debris to get stuck in the pores… which means more acne. Everything above your mask is fair game, so play around with giving your eyes and brows all the attention!

2. Antioxidant punch – Do your skin a favor and don’t leave the house without applying a powerful antioxidant serum, to really target your skin concerns. Vitamin C is a great option for combating maskne, as it stimulates new skin cells to grow in the damaged area and heal acne scars + pigmentation quicker!

3. Protect your moisture barrier – Before putting on your facial mask, make sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer. Protecting +  building your moisture barrier will allow your skin to function properly and not produce excess oil throughout the day. This is key for controlling blackheads + breakouts!


4. No picking – It’s tempting to pick at your skin but… pause before it’s too late! The last thing our skin needs is an open breakout that can’t receive oxygen when wearing our mask. Our focus here should be on anti-inflammatory ingredients, so swipe on an antibacterial spot treatment to reduce inflammation + accelerate healing.

5. Double cleanse – After a long day of wearing a mask the first thing we want to do is go straight to the sink and wash our face. Take a look at the cleanser you’re reaching for! We want to stay away from harsh cleansers that will further aggravate our skin (think ingredients like alcohol + microbeads). Reach for an oil based cleanser first + follow with a gentle gel or foaming wash of choice to leave your skin feeling super fresh.

6. Mask time – Your skin needs some extra TLC every once in a while, and the right face mask will do just that. Look for ingredients like sulfur + fruit enzymes to encourage cell turnover, enhance your glow + improve your overall tone and texture!


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