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2021: Year in Review

Q4 2021 EMAILS

We’ve made it to the finish line!

Over the past 12 (tumultuous) months, Shop Good has stayed committed to making healthy living and self care more fabulous and fun! But, being a business fueled by in-person interaction, community, and the sensory experiences of touch, smell, and connection, it was easy to feel deterred, frustrated and feel a deep mourning of “normalcy”.

However, despite the challenging environment, we’ve been able to push past barriers of frustration or fear and remain committed to the priorities that are important to our business… and to me as the owner.

Here are a few of the commitments we’ve made this year and how they’ll help carry us boldly into 2022:

Commitment to Growth

During a time when being a small beauty retailer was not the most ideal, we not only survived, but stayed committed to grow. We committed to innovation and new ways of showing up for you. To introducing you to new product lines and wellness solutions. We were committed to shipping you your Shop Good packages for an on-time delivery as we expanded our presence across the country. And we committed to providing the ultimate customer service experience for our new and returning customers, each and every day. We’ve even built upon our commitment to growth by building out a larger and more functional store for our North Park community – opening early 2022!


Commitment to Our Team

I acknowledge the time my team spends at work is only a piece of their increasingly complex lives. My goal for Shop Good has always been to provide a workplace that is both inspirational and supportive of our team’s livelihood. As we continued to grow our business, I was able to act on this commitment in 2021 by proudly extending healthcare benefits to our full-time employees.

Commitment to Diversity + Inclusion

While there is much more work to be done, we remain committed to standing up as an anti-racist brand and chipping away at the barriers to inclusivity that exist in beauty industry. We have continued our commitment through the introduction of new, minority-owned brands on our shelves, through our selection of diverse models, our hiring practices, monetary contributions to charitable causes, and through the continuation of our work in social action established over the 18 months.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our 2021 commitments to limiting our footprint span across countless areas of our business. From improvements to our store operations, to the filters we use in selecting new brands to carry, to the transition of our shipping, Shop Good Body packaging and tester supplies – our team remained laser focused on prioritizing the health of our planet. We’re also proud of our continued commitment to our Clean Cut Program, where YOU recycled your bottles, jars and tubes in exchange for S/G store credit!

Your Commitment to Us

Finally, I witnessed YOUR commitment to Shop Good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in us, for seeing our potential to rise, mature and meet your expectations, and for continuing to choose us when it comes to your self-care and personal-care needs. Without each of your store visits, likes and follows on IG and TikTok, Yelp/Google reviews, opened emails and generous purchases, we surely wouldn’t still be here.

It’s hard to remain diligent and committed during such difficult times like these. So, as we close this year, I acknowledge each of you for staying committed to caring for yourselves, despite how challenging life may seem right now.

Cheers to you! We’re so grateful for you and excited to continue our commitments and mission in 2022.


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