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Beauty and the Bees


Ahh the classic tale of the modern, Good Life woman searching for the secret to younger, smoother, glowing skin.  While she fawns over her beauty routine filled with all-natural remedies, she dreams of a potent skincare ingredient to boost the firmness of her skin and smooth away scary wrinkles creeping into her life.

A happy ending! We’re breaking down all the buzz around bee pollen. This healing ingredient is the answer to younger, healthier skin and we infuse it into our Good Life beauty routine WEEKLY.

For many years, bee pollen has been identified as a nutritional superfood with benefits like the elimination of allergies and the boosting of energy. But what about it’s power as #beautyfood?

Bee pollen is high in Nucliec Acids aka the building blocks of RNA and DNA. Thus, its magical powers can stimulate blood supply and encourage the growth of new skin tissue and cells, thus preventing premature aging. Add its broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, especially zinc (slows skin aging) Vitamins C and E (protects skin from UV rays) and omega fatty acids (nourishes and keeps inflammation at bay)… the buzz around bee pollen is no joke.

The stinger? Bee Pollen is also know to help clear up acne conditions and speed up the healing of acne breakouts due to its acidic drying power and super-antibacterial properties.

How do we incorporate bee pollen into our skincare routine at Good Life, you ask?


One time a week, slather on Wildcare’s Bee Rosy Exfoliating Clay Mask.  

We like mixing this bee pollen-based mask powder with filtered water and a spritz of any Wildcare hydrosol for a skin boost OR organic apple cider vinegar for deep pore cleansing.

Relax for 15-20 minutes; deep breathe, envision your skin soft, supple and firm with a honey-like glow.

Gently rinse with warm water. 

Alas, your clean beauty dream skin come true!


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