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Be Well

The Definitive Guide to Fitting Wellness into your 9-5


Is your job life-giving or soul-draining? We pray it’s the former, but either way, it’s safe to say that it’s typical to give your 150% all to your career. And that kind of blind sacrifice can take a toll.

And while maybe you’ve got that ~* green juice, farmers market, yoga vibe*~ flowing on the weekends, it doesn’t seem to jive AT ALL with your days in the office. It can feel like an internal struggle between feeling good and climbing the corporate ladder.

You see, the moment you clock in for the day doesn’t have to be the moment you forget about self-care.

All hope is not lost, as we are seeing a significant shift in understanding the work-life balance (like this company who rocks a 5 hour workday!) and it’s definitely possible to have both: you can fulfill all your career ambitions *and* make conscious decisions about your wellbeing.

But how???!?!?!?!

We’ve put together 5 little tweaks, that take less than 10 minutes, to make your workweek filled with moments of feeling well– even if you have to skimp on the workouts, desk salads and sleep by 10 PM.

Download Headspace

It’s not just a lofty goal anymore: meditation is the new-age/now-age must that helps remove yourself from the anxious energy of the future, or the guilty regret of the past and fully plops you in the present: a time for full authenticity and engagement. Start with the “10 minutes/ 10 days” challenge, and a soothing Aussie will reframe your mind when stress takes over.

Bring a lemon

We are the ultimate lemon water evangelists, always praising its wide range of benefits, like optimal digestion, improving body alkalinity, cellular hydration and reducing inflammation. By bringing a lemon to work everyday, you can honor your body with warm lemon water right before that presentation or as an after-lunch body soother.

Mushrooms in your coffee

While lemon water will serve as a powerful hydrator and easy way to sneak in more H2O, you may still be reaching for that cuppa–and we’re joining you! But we like to throw in an X factor —medicinal mushroomsThis awesome company makes convenient packets, so you get lots of brain-loving B vitamins and important trace minerals that provide clarity, energy and ease up any caffeine crash.

H is for Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist

We are fully on the hydrosol bandwagon– just one moment in the shop and you’ll see how powerhouse, clean brands are utilizing the science of distilling botanics to point-blank HEAL skin. Not only that, but regular spritzing makes for deeeeeep cellular hydration. Another big selling point? They offer antibacterial qualities, a great face-saver for all that phone-to-cheek action happening.

I spy something green…ANYTHING green

Why are we into all things green? The phytochemicals and chlorophyll that give your veggies that dark hue oxygenate the blood and provide iron and other important trace minerals that your on-the-go “nutrition” bar just can’t even dream to provide. We aren’t going to be nit-picky– we don’t discriminate if you don’t love kale, spinach, dandelion greens, celery– just get *something* in your system that is green. It will be provide crucial energy and revive your mind/body/spirit around that 3 PM mark. If things get really hectic, we also love to reach for chlorella tablets to ensure amino acids, enzymes and fiber drive your day with intention and gusto.

Stand up and stretch

Sitting slumped in your desk isn’t just an uninspiring way to carry on an afternoon; it’s detrimental for your health. Make a commitment to get up out of your desk every 1-2 hours for 10 minutes. Walk around the block–or if that seems too much like playing hooky– then just stand up and streeeetttttcchhh. If nothing else, make this tip a priority.

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