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5 Skincare Habits That May Be Harming Instead Of Renewing

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By: Ashley Wittke, Shop Good Holistic Esthetician

It’s hard to dispute that the new year is the perfect time to #RENEW your goals and set intentions for taking care of yourself. For some, it can be as simple as making the extra effort to remove your makeup at the end of the night… and for others, it can involve a more intricate plan to take their skincare game to the next level. 

But, while we may all have the best of intentions when it comes to actually taking care of our skin, we sometimes end up sabotaging our complexion without even realizing it (talk about maaajor bummer).

How? Well, skincare can be a crowded subject – with what seems to be a new trend arising every week, to the product adds floating around in our feeds…it can feel vvv overwhelming to truly understand what it is that your skin needs to thrive and renew.

Take a deep breath… this is where I come in!

Here are the TOP 5 common skincare mistakes I see as a holistic esthetician, and the steps to correct each. The end result? A refreshed and recharged complexion, and being at-ease knowing you are doing exactly what

Let’s begin!

OOPS #1 – Using the wrong products for you skin type

Face face is face wash… right? Not quite! One of the reasons you may not be seeing results with your skincare products is they probably aren’t suited for your skin’s unique needs. People often get caught up in buying products that their BFF with great skin or fave celeb uses, without considering what their own skin might need. For example, if your skin is oily but you’re using products for dry skin – you may be experiencing constant congestion. Or, if your skin is dry but you’re using products targeted towards acne, you may be dealing with flaky skin that seems to never go away no matter how hard you try.


So.. what can you do? Start asking questions. Find out what the key ingredients are, their benefits, and what skin type they’re made for. If the answer is ‘all skin types’ I say proceed with caution!

Skin Tool Recs:

Botnia Daily Face Wash – Acne / Oily:
Arnica and goldenseal extracts help fight redness and inflammation, while willow bark extract provides a natural source of salicylic acid to maintain evenness and fight acne. Great for balancing oil production too!

Botnia Renewing Face Wash – Dry / Mature:
Extracts of green tea, goldenseal, and arnica deliver a potent dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep skin youthful and plump.
Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 also help hydrate and rejuvenate skin!

Botnia Gentle Cleanser – Sensitive / Reactive:
Delivers the healing power of goldenseal and chamomile with a hydrating boost of botanical Hyaluronic Acid to leave skin renewed. This cleanser reduces inflammation, balances skin, and provides a large dose of antioxidants to help skin heal naturally.


OOPS #2 – Destroying your skin’s moisture barrier

Whitney just heard her girlfriend rave about a new exfoliating scrub. IT CHANGED HER LIFE, she says. So she buys the mask (duh) and uses it for almost 2 weeks straight, because more is more right? All of a sudden she’s experiencing horrible breakouts, or perhaps feeling more sensitive than usual. Sound familiar? Well… Whitney just scrubbed her natural defenses away!

Let’s get nerdy for a second…

Your moisture barrier is made up of cells, lipids, and your skin’s natural moisture content. It’s existence is meant to keep the bad stuff OUT (bacteria) and the good stuff IN (hydration). Yes exfoliating takes away dead, dull skin cells to reveal the fresh, glowy baby skin that lays underneath – but over-exfoliating can take #renewed, glowy skin to inflamed and dry in no time.


Try to find your happy point gradually – I always tell clients to start slow, once a week to begin and slowly discover if your skin is asking for more. Remember, skin does crazy, unpredictable things when we mistreat it – so rest assured that it’s thanking you when you’re gentle to it!

Skin Tool Recs:

Try Josh Rosebrook’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator – My all time favorite exfoliating treatment to soften, clear and #RENEW skin. Fruit and herbal enzymes help to gently slough away dead skin cells while finely ground walnut shells mechanically reveal new skin and stimulate collagen production.


OOPS #3 – Skimping on moisture

Properly hydrating the skin is such a crucial step to any skincare routine, and dehydrated skin is something I see more often than not in my clients.

What to expect from skin lacking moisture?  

  • Increased inflammation –  dry skin = a compromised skin barrier, which in turn causes other symptoms like itching and redness to occur.
  • Accentuated wrinkles – yup, going moisturizer free will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles  and can actually cause accelerated aging because of collagen breakdown!
  • Exacerbated acne – contrary to popular belief, moisturizer IS your friend if you have acneic skin. Dryness can actually worsen acne and lead to a chronic cycle of inflammation.
  • Flawed makeup – ever felt like your makeup was only emphasizing the areas you were trying to cover up? Yeah… not the look we’re going for! Makeup sticks to dry areas, a.k.a settling and creasing are highly likely.  


Don’t be stingy with your moisturizer! Use a nickel sized amount and (listen up because this next part is key) – make sure you apply it when your skin is still damp for enhanced absorption. Waiting for your skin to fully dry after cleansing will likely mean you’ll miss out on that crucial window to lock it all in.

Make sure you’re also hydrating your skin from the inside out – yes, that means water, water and (more) water!

Skin Tool Recs:

Try Berlin Skin’s Sandalwood Face Cream – a luxurious, lightweight facial cream that soothes and restores. Full of botanical hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, sandalwood, lavender, sage, thyme, and turmeric, this formula leaves your skin renewed and perfectly moisturized! If your skin is feeling extra dry, cocktail it with a couple drops of Botnia’s Replenishing Oil for added moisture and boost of skin-supporting ingredients.

OOPS #4 – Not Practicing Product-Patience

Try saying that three times fast! Skin regeneration is a real.thing, and this process can take anywhere from 28 days to 6 weeks. This is important to note because this cycle directly impacts when you’ll be seeing results on any given product! You can’t obtain abs from one gym sesh, so why do we think skin care products are this overnight miracle?


– First things first, try introducing one new product at a time to your current routine. This will allow you to get a better understanding of what actually works for you, and what simply doesn’t. Plus, if you end up getting a reaction it’ll be easy to determine what caused it and what products you’re sensitive to.

– When it comes to results – generally, the more work that needs to be done on a cellular level the longer it’ll take to see a difference. Some things, like a hyaluronic acid serum or moisturizer work almost instantly. But, a product meant to treat more serious conditions like hyperpigmentation or acne will take a bit longer – a vitamin C serum actually creates changes on a cellular level so it can take about 3 months to see results. A salicylic acid-based cleanser targeting blemishes works by shifting the skin’s pH which can take a couple of weeks.

The bottom line — let your skin regenerate itself before passing judgement of that new product!

*Obviously if you are experiencing a new product breaking you out or gives you any sort of reaction, discontinue use and talk to an expert!*

Last but not least…

OOPS #5 – Missing out on regular facials

Sure, a solid skincare regimen can go a long way when it comes to keeping your skin #RENEWED and glowing, but scheduling regular facials is a very important step often overlooked by many. Dirt, bacteria, pollution and dead skin build up (unavoidably) on the skin, and sometimes, our products are simply not enough.

I like to think of getting a facial like going to the dentist. You brush and floss but still visit for regular deep cleans. Same goes for facials! It’s important to have your skin evaluated and properly cleaned by a professional to maintain a healthy, glowing, and clear complexion!


Schedule some skin-TLC at our very own in-shop Spa with our fully customized treatments. Your skin + body will thank you for honoring its needs and taking the time for some self-love. Plus, ask about our spa subscriptions for ways to save! 


You’ve heard it here before but I’ll say it again (and again and again) – your skin is your largest organ and is so much more powerful than we credit it to be. Any time your skin is acting up or feeling out of balance, it’s trying to tell you something. Listening to your body is the #1 tool you need to #renew your complexion naturally, and that looks different for each of us!



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