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Leah’s Date Night Essentials

With a toddler and a business, it’s rare my husband, Sach, and I get to sneak away for a little one-on-one time (let alone, actually get dressed and leave the house for it!). This year, we’ve made it a point to book our babysitter one time a month so we have a little something to look forward to consistently. Whether you’re escaping parenthood for a few hours out this Valentine’s Day, or treating yourself to a rare in-person wine night with your pals, I hope you treat yourself well!

Check out my top Shop Good essentials when I’m prepping for a spicy date night out


ALIMA PURE ‘Velvet Lipstick’ in ‘Olivia’

Y’all know I don’t leave the house without a red lip… and date night is no different! If I know I’m headed out for a meal, I’ll swipe on one of my most matte and longest-lasting tubes of Alima Pure’s ‘Olivia’. I am obsessed with the punchy pinky-red – such a fun ‘omg we’re actually out of the house!’ shade! I apply this one with a lip brush to get a super clean and bold matte look.


ACTIVIST ‘Raw Manuka Honey’

Since we’re always on the clock to get back home to the babysitter, the days of popping into a cute spot for an app and cocktail before dinner are few and far between. I like to surprise Sach with a little at-home cocktail while we get ready. Activist ‘Raw Manuka Honey’ makes the perfect healthy sweetener for my go-to at-home skinny marg!

PS, DYK: Mezcal is naturally gluten-free and can help aid in digestion and regulate blood sugars? Try this recipe:


PALERMO BODY ‘Coffee Body Scrub – Coffee + Lemon’

I’m usually rushing in and out of the shower to tend to Cleo or Shop Good… but, if I know I’m treating myself to a night out with Sach, I’ll treat my skin a little extra, too! For smooth-like-butter legs and arms, I love Palermo’s ‘Coffee Body Scrub.’ It’s a nice little reinvigorating boost for my senses before an evening out!


CLEBAN + DAUGHTERS ‘Braven Tincture’

Running a business means business is always on the mind. But it’s so important for Sach and I to be able to tune out and turn it all off for our special one-on-one time. I notice a difference in my ability to leave work at work and quiet my racing mind when I use Cleban & Daughters ‘Braven Tincture.’ An hour or so before we head out, I’ll drop 1 ml into my water bottle and hydrate while I soothe any stress away.



I fell in love with this sensual body oil and fragrance at very first sniff. Biophilia Botanicals Founder, Alice, has a special place in my heart, and this scent does as well. With notes of black cumin, rosemary and palmarosa, the blend is known for its heart-opening, sensual, energizing notes, and also serves as an aphrodisiac! Just a couple drops behind each ear, neck and wrists, and I’m basking in this decadent, grounding scent all night.


ILIA ‘Liquid Light Serum Highlighter’

Even on date night, I like to keep my face and eye makeup simple while focusing on my bold lip and brows! Nothing gives a natural face makeup look more credit than Ilia’s ‘Liquid Light Serum Highlighter.’ There are so many ways to apply this for a radiant glow. I’ll sometimes mix 1/2 pump into my Kjaer Weis foundation, or, tap 1 full pump into my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. It’s the simple yet radiant look that gets the ‘are you using a new skincare product? Your skin is really glowy!’ comment from Sach.


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