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Listen with Love: 3 Podcasts We’re Crushing On

Sometimes there are long drives that could use a bit more soul-searching and a little less white-noise-playlist-from-2011. If your commute is starting to feel a little stale, or you crave major aha-moments while doing your makeup or whipping up supper in the kitchen, we HEAR you. To remedy, we’ve rounded up a trio of podcasts from the wellness universe that have us swooning big time because we could all use a fresh perspective, and it’s certainly invigorating to find out how your career idols took that first leap:

1.Well/Aware with Lindsey Mueller

Since the first listen, we have been hooked by this haven of a podcast. Taking on the NYC wellness scene week by week, the interviews read like a list of all the health warriors we’ve been fangirling about for forever and a day. From talking about love and loss with teachers at “The Class” of NYC and LA, to Daphne Cheng and her culinary artwork, debunking that veggies are purely a side-dish, to having sublime conversations about quitting negative self-talk or how to eat properly before and after a SoulCycle class– it’s truly a game-changer.

MUST-LISTEN:Episode 007, with the founders of CAP Beauty, an all-natural store in NYC. Their words on ‘why clean skincare?’ gave us chills and had us re-stocking up on all things SHOP GOOD ASAP!

2.One Part Podcast with Jessica Murnane

This is an effortless subscribe, because Jessica is truly effortless to listen to– her joy can be felt through the airwaves. She sounds like the new best friend that you never knew you needed. She suffered for years from an agonizing bout of endometriosis, turned to an 100% plant based diet and never looked back. Her interview topics range from a host of things, but our personal favorites reside in the mini podcasts, a sharp 20 minutes dubbed: The Things That Freaked My Week. What ensues next is usually light-hearted yet thoughtful, and great conversation banter.

MUST-LISTEN: The Things that Freaked My Week Micro Podcast with Guest Julia Sherman of Salad for President, where you’ll hear about this artist and plant enthusiast, and be inspired to be a little more creative with your typical greens.

3.Wellness Wonderland with Katie Dalebout

We get giddy every time there is a new interview updated with Katie Dalebout, who is obviously a beloved gem of the wellness world as she is friends with power players like Gabrielle Bernstein, Tara Stiles and Robyn Youkilis. Her sweet disposition and deep probing questions get down and dirty with some health extraordinaires and entrepreneurs who have revamped their life to pursue their passions. It’s a fabulous archive of wealth and knowledge in this ever-evolving industry.

MUST-LISTEN:Episode 073, Alisa Vitti on Hormones, Women’s Health, Periods and Holistic Flo Living. Your mind will truly be bursting with newfound knowledge about your hormones and how to work with your cycle to achieve the ultimate vision for your life.


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