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Springtime Scents: the 411 on Hydrosols


With each new lovely season comes with it a host of even lovelier scents to revitalize your senses and invigorate your mind, so you can ultimately manifest your wildest dreams, of course! While that may seem pretty hippy dippy, we are assured by science that the extracts and oils from plants create both intoxicating aromas but also help us at a physiological level. For example, lavender can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and headache relief.

Bottom line: nature is POWERFUL. Here, at SHOP GOOD we embrace nature’s abundance wholeheartedly, and we particularly love to dive deep in Wildcare’s fabulous hydrosols. They are an extremely potent source of distilled aromatic water and coveted by many, including the readers of Vogue, for their PH balancing abilities and anti-bacterial support. Here, you’ll discover how each of our offerings in SHOP GOOD will serve as the best spritz this spring. There truly is no better way to honor your body.

– Lemon Light

Containing properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorizing, and astringent, the powerful purity of whole, organically grown lemons will elevate your mood and help you transcend to a state of radiant sunshine. Lemons are lauded in the health community, and for great reason– they are yellow vessels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and citric acid. Citric Acid is an important tool in reducing dark spots and acne scarring, so helllllo youthful glow! This hydrosol, when used as a facial toner, is perfect for an AM wake up call, and can certainly be handy if you’re trying to ease off caffeine dependence as your means for rising and shining.

Purple Majesty Lavender

A little bit of “om” in a bottle, lavender is an extraordinary healer for sunburns, bites, prevents ingrown hairs and is both anti-viral and anti-septic. This is even safe for soothing baby, illustrating its true sensitive nature. We find this to be most powerful in combination with an adaptogenic elixir for abating stress in a holistic, effective way.

– Rosemary + Bay

If you’re craving something with even more transformative quality, look no further than the Rosemary + Bay. When describing this mist, Wildcare intrigues with this line, “Both Bay Laurel & Rosemary are protective & said to attract fairies.” Since middle ages, these plants have been heralded as skin soothers, and continue to aid in eczema relief, anti-microbial properties and also as a deodorizer. We can’t get enough of the earthy essence, and it’s a go-to whenever our skin acts up.

Crave aromas that elevate your energy, mood and well-being? Head over to SHOP GOOD and awaken all of your senses!



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