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Glow On

Masking for Your Body


Did you know masking isn’t just for your face?! 

I know — I forgot, too! Your entire body deserves a good masking every once in a while — and as much as we’d all love to check ourselves into a day spa and lounge around in a mud bath for hours, that’s not always an option. So today, we’re giving some face time to the rest of the body. Summer is coming! Read on for tips and tricks on how to get the whole body glowing for the warmer months ahead — by masking — not your face, but everywhere else!


Our lips do so much for us — and lately, if you’ve been wearing a mask due to the current times, they’re sure to need a little extra love. Our recommendation? A good lip scrub to get rid of dead, dry skin — try the Ilia Balmy Nights scrub– and a KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask to plump and rehydrate. Finish off the masking with the KNC Beauty SupaBalm to lock in all that glowy goodness. 


Confession: I NEVER thought about masking my butt. But as we approach bikini season (and noting that all this couch time at home is probably not helping), a little gentle masking on the bottom will do us all a whole lot of good! Our recommendation? The Tea Tree + Grapefruit Body Scrub by Palermo to get the skin back to baby smooth, followed up by the Ursa Major Bright + Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask to tighten the skin, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and promote a bikini-ready glow. 


Back-masking is SO underrated… & forgotten, honestly! A good masking sesh for the back is like a reset button for the skin. If you’re prone to acne on your back, reach for the Clarifying Mask by Tata Harper — this mask provides gentle exfoliation with AHA and BHA power while soothing any inflammation + redness. If you have combo/oily skin, reach for the Purifying Mask by Tata Harper  — this mask unblocks pores and provides a deep detoxification for the skin. Since reaching behind you is never easy, we suggest hopping in the shower and rinsing thoroughly with warm water and gentle wiping the rest off with a damp towel. 

*For any and all Tata Harper products, please call our Product Experts at either Shop to purchase!


Another area of the body that takes a beating (especially during the warmer months) — the underarms! This skin can sometimes be rough, congested, or just need a little brightening. Our recommendation? Botnia’s Kale Yeah Mask! This powerhouse of organic kale brightens the skin and reduces inflammation, with oats that soothe and bind moisture to the skin, and chamomile that reduces redness and calms any irritation. Pro Tip: mix with goat’s milk yogurt for maximum benefit and a slight exfoliation effect!


Before your face tells your age, it’s likely that your neck and chest will reveal your secrets for you. Aside from SPF and remembering to include this area into your daily skin care routine, a good mask can do wonders in keeping your chest well cared for. Our recommendation? OSEA’s White Algae Mask for the age-defying benefits of brightening, firming and plumping skin. Or try the Advanced Hydration Mask by Josh Rosebrook if you have particularly dry skin! Shimmy-shimmy!

Cheers to staying healthy, glowy, and good!