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Swap it for clean!


Doing an overhaul of your entire product line up in favor of clean-er alternatives can seem intimidating. But never fear, that’s why Shop Good is here! — to help navigating swapping out for clean feel just a bit more *effortless* Let’s breakdown exactly which ingredients to avoid + which to love across your skincare counters, shower ledges, medicine cabinets and makeup bags! Keep reading for your complete bathroom roadmap for all things GOOD…

The Shower

Ahhh the place we go to relaxxx at the end of a long day. The products used here are on heavy repeat (often by the whole fam) so pay special care to what you’re slathering on each day!

Body Care /

No thanks: triclosan, alcohols, SLS, DEA and TEA.

Yes please: goldenseal, tea tree, lavender, Castile soap and coconut oil!

Try…Redoux ‘Turmeric Botanical Bar’ for a squeaky clean that lathers with saponified shea butter instead of sodium laurel sulfate and H is For ‘Lin Purifying Skin Scrub’ to stimulate a natural skin glow + blood flow with a safe scent that is essential oil derived.

Hair Care /

No thanks: propylene glycol, SLS, cocamide, lauramide, dioxane and benaldehyde.

Yes please: aloe leaf juice, odium lauroyl methyl isethionate, licorice root extract and sandalwood oil!

Try…Ursa Major ‘Go Easy Shampoo’ and ‘Go Easy Conditioner’ for a unisex combo that works on all hair types (sans sulfates of course).

The Makeup Bag

Arguably the hardest place to swap because the favorites in here have been with us for years — but, when applying directly to eyes + lips the possibility for absorption skyrockets. That’s why we love our selection of clean beauty products that are highly effective, without adding to our toxic load.

Foundation + Concealer /

No thanks: propylparaben, octinoxate and polyethylene glycol.

Yes please: caprylic/capric triglyceride, jojoba oil, myyrh and vitamin e!

Try…Vapour Beauty ‘Soft Focus Foundation’ for a dewy, medium-buildable coverage with a finish that compliments + treats your natural skin.

Bronzer + Blush /

No thanks: petrolatum, formaldehyde, talc and artificial dyes.

Yes please: beeswax, cocoa butter and mica!

Try…RMS ‘Signature Sets’ for a totally cute compact that includes all the essentials: a creamy highlighter duo, two Lip2Cheek color tints and an ultra hydrating lip balm.

Mascara /

No thanks: aluminum powder, parabens, propylene glycol, and retinyl acetate.

Yes please: shea butter, natural dyes, beeswax and arginine!

Try…Ilia ‘Limitless Lash’ for a flake-free, long lasting and lash wow-ing formula that competes (and beats) conventional mascaras!

Lipstick /

No thanks: artificial colorings, lead, butylated compounds and siloxanes.

Yes please: avocado oil, squalane, beetroot and caprylic/capric triglycerides!

Try…Kosas ‘Weightless Lipstick’ for a bold, moisturizing pop of color that is bright enough for special events and comfy enough for everyday!

The Medicine Cabinet

You’d expect the place we stock the actual can’t-live-withouts (hi, toothpaste and tampons) to be totally safe…but unfortunately the FDA has even less regulations when it comes to hygiene products like period care and deodorant. But never fear! We’ve got plenty of *good* options when it comes to this department.

Oral Care / 

No thanks: triclosan, SLS, propylene glycol and fluoride.

Yes please: baking soda, xylitol, anise seed, neem and calcium carbonate!

Try…David’s ‘Premium Natural Toothpaste’ for a naturally whitening toothpaste swap that is as good for your pearly whites as it is for the planet! Packaged in recyclable aluminum (not plastic) and with a special tool that helps you squeeze out every last drop!

Period Care /

No thanks: chlorine, fragrance, rayon, viscose, bleach, phthalates and colorants.

Yes please: 100% organic cotton, vitamin b, zinc and ginger!

Try…Lola ‘Regular Tampons’ for high-absorbing, leak-protective 100% cotton and BPA-free period care along with De Lune ‘Cramp Aid Capsules’ to provide fast-acting herbal relief to period pain.

Deodorant /

No thanks: aluminum compounds, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol and steareth-n.

Yes please: arrowroot powder, avocado butter, zinc and coconut oil!

Try…By Humankind ‘Deodorant Set’ for a fresh, unisex scent and refillable packaging, or if going for a more floral scent snag Agent Natuer ‘Holi(Rose) Deodorant’ for a more sensual aroma.

The Skincare Shelf

The part of daily routine that is all about supporting + healing! But with disruptive and over-stripping ingredients, we may be doing the opposite of that. See below for our not-so-faves + the botanical ingredients we love to incorporate!

Cleanser / 

No thanks: SLS, propylene glycol and dibutylphthalate.

Yes please: calendula, glycerin, lactic acid and sodium lauroyl lactylate!

Try…Tata Harper ‘Softening Cleanser’ for a non-irritating, hypoallergenic foaming cleanser that is suitable for balanced and sensitive skin types alike!

Moisturizer /

No thanks: fragrance, retinyl palmitate and polyacrylamide.

Yes please: rose distillate, vitamin e, squalane and jojoba oil.

Try…Botnia ‘Daily Moisturizer’ for a perfect balance of light hydration. Suitable for all skin types!

Mask / 

No thanks: fragrance/parfum, alcohols, propylparabens and benzoyl peroxide.

Yes please: melaluca extract, aloe leaf juice, kaolin clay and charcoal.

Try…Lesse ‘Bioactive Face Masque’ for a calming, revitalizing skin refresh. A unisex mask that is ideal for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea + eczema prone.

Eye Cream / 

No thanks: phenoxyethanol, triethanolamine and ingredients ending in “-siloxane”.

Yes please: ceramides, caffeine and rice bran extract!

Try…GoopGenes ‘All-In-One Nourishing Eye Cream’ for a clinically tested treatment that firms + smoothes fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.


We hope this guide will allow you to empower and equip yourself with knowledge and resources, so you can float through the process of swapping for cleaner ingredients. This can result in an action plan that honors your body and places your dollars behind personal care brands that have y-o-u and your health in their best interest.  Even if you begin with just one product, join us in choosing clean beauty this month (and every month) at Shop Good! Still feeling overwhelmed? Book a clean swap + makeup consult at our San Diego shops or message us on LiveChat to get 1-1 help with our Product Experts!

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