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The Shop Good 2021 V-Day Gift Guide

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Whether it’s your favorite holiday of the year or a day you like to forget, our team of Product Experts + Holistic Estheticians have selected perfect GOODs that even cupid would be jealous of. Read on to find what treats we’re recommending for your loved ones and for you!

Keep reading, natural beauty!


A Shop Good Facial – Trust us. It’s what she really wants! Our Holistic Estheticians will set the mood with an essential oil blend of her choosing, lead her through a relaxing breathing exercise, and then give her the best gift of all: glowing skin. Because nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of a *me-day*.

‘Lin’ by H is for Love – Bring the spa to *her* with a full body scrub that was designed to leave skin feeling supple, supported, and youthful. Best part is? This 8 oz. jar lasts and lasts to be the gift that keeps on giving. Wait… there’s an even better part. Wait until you smell the contents of this jar…

‘Holi(Water)’ by Agent Nateur – TBH, the most on-brand skincare item for Valentine’s Day. Created with Bulgarian rose water and pearl it’s like the bouquet and jewelry for her skin. Suitable for all skin types and provides a super luxurious moment of pampering!


‘Activate Body Wash’ by Linné – The perfect gift for skincare fanatics and low-maintenance cuties alike. This multi-use scrub can be used an exfoliating face mask for oily skin types or as a fully body scrub for an extra moment of self care during the colder months + summer alike!

‘Herbal Coffee’ by Wooden Spoon Herbs – Say “I love you” with a microbiome friendly pick me up. Whether your man is just as obsessed with clean living as you are, or is just looking for a warm bevvy to replace his 2nd (or 3rd) cup of Joe, this batch of root-rich ‘Herbal Coffee’ is sure to be one of his new favorites.

‘Mainstay’ by Everyday Oil – A gift for him….and for you. This unisex body oil is our favorite moisturizer for everyone. With a combination of the best cold-pressed plant oils and a beautiful gender-neutral fragrance (from essential oils only), you’ll be gifting to him but stealing a bit for you when he’s not looking.


‘Elixa Bath + Body Serum’ by The Established – Your bestie deserves to relaaaax and what better way to do it than with a soothing bath that leaves her skin feeling more moisturized than before? This body oil can be poured directly into bath water for infused moisture + a moment of chill. Suitable for all skin types!

‘Bee Rosy Fruit and Flower Renewal Mask’ by Wildcare – Not only does this rosy pink mask make for the *cutest* V-Day selfie, it also contains botanicals that leave your bestie’s skin feeling polished, plumped and ready to glow. Not to mention, the jar contains more than enough product for multiple masks…bestie masks and rom-coms? Sounds like a GOOD Galentine’s date to us!

‘Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil’ by Ilia – It’s like if a lipgloss, lipstick, and chapstick all had a baby to create our favorite under-the-mask pick me up. Packed with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, and the *cutest* tinted colors, it’ll be the new favorite item in her hand bag!


‘Royal Rose Coq10 Serum’ by Living Libations – Fit for a queen, AKA your mom. CoQ10 levels naturally diminish as we age and this serum is *packed* with the bioactive enzyme, leaving your mama’s skin glowing, protected from environmental elements, and plumped.

‘Stretch Mark Relief Refining Scrub’ by Matrescence – Give her the gift of chocolate + supported skin with this chocolate-scented, *oh so* luxurious scrub. All the ingredients are designed with mama’s skin in mind from cellulite and stretch marks to dehydration and scarring.

‘Nourishing Repair Body Butter’ by GoopGenes – Whether your mama is no nonsense or loves the pampering, she’s going to fall in love with this body butter. It’s rich, fluffy, and most importantly: it works! The three ultra nourishing butters (bacuri, cupuaçu and shea) melt into the skin leaving it feeling more moisturized, toned and firmed for up to 72 hours. It’s like her favorite eye cream now for her whole body.


‘Dusk Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil’ by Ode to Self – Give her the gift of moisture and warm summer evenings during the dry winter months. Created with South Carolina summer nights in mind, this oil leaves her skin + hair feeling supported and her spirit feeling warmed. Best of all? It leaves her with a head to toe *glow*!

‘Lip Wrap’ by Ilia – Whether she’s chilling at her WFH desk or masking up every day to head out as an essential worker, this ultra-hydrating lip mask is going to be her latest can’t-live-without!

‘Flush & Glow Duo’ by Kjaer Weis – The perfect compact-kit for a quick pre-Zoom meeting touch up or for a natural sun-kissed, weekend look! Each compact holds KW’s best-selling cream blush and cream highlighter and is refillable for the eco-conscious Valentines!


‘Aphrodisia Tincture’ by Wooden Spoon Herbs – A get-it-on elixir in tincture form. Packed with herbs to safely heighten libido, ‘Aphrodisia’ is the perfect gift for you + them to use together and dip into your most sensual selves.

‘Holi(Sex)’ by Agent Nateur – A GOOD alternative to chemical-filled and processed oil-based lubricants. This rich, quality, oil formula is designed to be used for your most intimate areas + for all over massage and hydration with heightening scents of jasmine, coconut, rose and vanilla. (*Disclaimer: oil-based can damage condoms and decrease their efficacy.)

‘Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar’ by Moody Girl – Nicknamed ‘Libido Lover’ for a reason. This tasty treat is supplemented with Maca and Horny Goat Weed so you can satisfy your cravings while also enhancing the mood.


‘Yin Power’ by Sun Potion – The ultimate gift for self-empowerment, feminine energy, hormonal balance and so much more. A mega #shopgoodgang favorite and the supplement we all keep going back to again and again.

‘At Home Facial Package’ by Shop Good – Our team of Holistic Estheticians created this box as a way to treat our community since the start of COVID. It goes without saying that after the ups, downs, challenges and losses of the past year — you could use a pick me up + moment of TLC. Let us treat *you* and bring the comfort of our spa straight to your bathroom with aromatherapy and custom mixed masks. (Also available in a mini size!)

‘The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak’ by Goop – Pour a glass of your favorite bubbly bevvy, turn on the playlist that makes you feel on top of the world, and start the tub. Add a cup of this Himalayan pink sea salt + magnesium based bath mix and let it all soak away. Because beauty, you deserve it.


Happy Valentine’s Day Shop Good family! Our Product Experts are available every day to show you the best GOODs for you + your loved ones all month long.

And this V-Day, we hope you feel rich in allllll the love. The romance kind, the laughing with your besties till the wee hours of the morning kind, the everlasting mom kind, and most of all: the self love kind.


The #shopgoodgang

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