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How the #ShopGoodGang Defines Self Care


In honor of our #DefineSelfCare September theme, we’ve asked the Shop Good Team to fill in the blank. Self care means: __________. Read on to hear how the #ShopGoodGang is defining self care and the tools they are reaching for to do so!


Mallory, Holistic Esthetician: For me, self care is an essential part of my everyday mindset. Whether that looks like nourishing my body with wholesome foods, remembering to take my vitamins, taking a few deep breaths in the shower, or burning palo santo while I watch a movie – self care, for me, is in the little ways I show up for myself. One way I am currently learning to show myself some extra TLC is through consuming less screen time. It is a tough task (I love Instagram, what can I say!) but it is one that helps me remember to focus on the internal vs. the external. I now love the hours my phone is in Do Not Disturb mode and look forward to being mindful and present.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 5.22.16 PM

Leslie, Product Expert: Self care to me right now looks very different than it used to! I think it’s safe to say priorities have shifted for many of us this year. My self care is prioritizing my mental health first and foremost. This looks like starting my day with a 5 minute meditation, enjoying the calming scent of Vitruvi Eucalyptus Essential Oil through the day, and having a nightcap that serves my body – current go to is the Moon Juice Cosmic Gold! These practices ensure I’m fueling my mind & body!


Anita, Product Expert: Self care looks a little different for me this season. Lately, I love spending down time reading a good book (current read: Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesym Ward) while drinking Magnesi-Om and adding a few drops of Lavender & Bergamot essential oils to my diffuser to help me decompress before bedtime. For me, setting aside these moments after a long day really helps to reset my mood and relieve any stress.


Lauren, Holistic Esthetician: To me, self care means self-growth – aka do what feels right for you and follow your gut. This might feel super great, like getting an amazing facial *always* or really uncomfortable like cutting ties with a friend that doesn’t align with you. Take care of what your soul needs and listen to your intuition! I love to explore the dreams and goals that I have, to get real + raw with what I want and how I can achieve those things! Surrounding myself with like-minded people + going on adventures in nature is so good for the soul and helps put things into perspective!

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.05.00 AM

Natalie, Product Expert: Self care to me is listening to my body and honoring what it needs when it needs it. That means living in flow and understanding that some days may not look like I originally planned. To practice this flow, every day I aim to meditate, exercise in some form, drink plenty of water, and fuel my body & skin with nourishing foods and products. One of my favorite self care products I’ve been using in my nightly routine is Redoux’s Moringa Mallow Energy Balm – the texture, aromatherapy and incredible ingredients are all hard to beat!


Nikki, One Paseo Assistant Store Manager: Recently self-care for me has been all about learning self respect, and treating myself with kindness. I have been trying to take more time to recognize the positive things in my life and about myself, rather than always focusing on the flaws. I’m slowly learning that I can take some time to focus on myself, so I’m not pouring from an empty cup, and not feel guilty for it.


Christina, Product Expert: I’ve always had a hard time winding down at the end of the night, so to me, self care is allowing myself to slow down and shut out the outside world without feeling guilty.  My ideal night of self care includes curling up on the couch with my cat, a cup of chamomile tea, and my favorite Berlin Skin Matcha Mask. The mind body connection is very important to me, so to fully engage in a night of self care I love to do yoga stretches before bed to physically and mentally prepare myself for sleep. My personal definition of self care includes listening to your body and allowing yourself to do what feels right, whether it be something big or small, without judgement.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 4.17.00 PM

January, Lead Holistic Esthetician + Spa Marketing Assistant Manager: Self care to me is taking a moment to pause and listen to what my body and mind needs. Spending time slowing down is essential to feel balanced, especially right now. It means giving myself the same grace, compassion, and care that I give to others. So, here’s your reminder to not feel the guilt when you want to kick up your feet with your go-to facial mask! Mine is Tata Harper’s Purifying Mask, a must try for that stubborn maskne we’ve all been experiencing! I feel mentally and physically charged when I give myself space to practice what makes my heart happy.

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Anna, Product Expert: To me, self-care, especially in these troubling times is to take a moment with myself and pause. It’s easy to be thinking about everything happening in the world and to our planet all the time and forgetting to extend some care to ourselves. I like to spend my self-care time learning, reading, writing, doing something creative, eating something nourishing, moving my body, and going outside when I can. Sometimes it’s just having a day where I slow down and set intentions.


Ashley, Lead Holistic Esthetician + North Park Assistant Store Manager: This year has shown me the importance of prioritizing myself and my body’s needs. One thing that keeps me at my best is my morning routine. I try to start most of my mornings with a workout on my spin bike (v proud of my peloton hack that I created!). After that I whip up my go-to breakfast, add some Sun Potion Yin Powder to my coffee and I am out the door. This extra hour that I carve out for myself is my favorite kind of self care and starts my days the best way, GOOD.

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Stephanie, Product Expert: To me, self care means checking with myself daily. I value alone time more than anything else. Being able to have a morning routine, especially during these uncertain times, keeps me grounded and balanced. I love to give myself 30 minutes to set my tone for the day: my morning ritual consists of taking my SuperYou adaptogens, writing 3 things I’m grateful for and drinking my morning latte.

Shop Good OP Juana and Ashley

Juana, General Manager + Director of Marketing: To me, self care means making time for me and the little things that light up my life. Self care means giving myself permission to create space to slow down by setting aside moments in my work day to pause + breathe deeply, treating myself to healing practices like acupuncture, and starting + ending my day with a nourishing skin ritual. I’ve been loving a daily face massage with Agent Nateur Holi(water) and Linné Botanicals Balance Oil (a truly magical combination!).


Miranda, Product Expert: To me, self care means allowing myself to take the time to slow down. For me, this often means doing things I enjoy because I want to do them rather than focusing on the things I “have” to do. Especially as of late, life has been very busy and filled with a lot of stressors. So, recently, my favorite way to practice self care has been to cuddle up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a luxurious face mask on. I’ve been loving Berlin Skin’s Matcha Mask or Wildcare’s Bee Rosy!


Katrina, Holistic Esthetician: Self care means allowing myself the time and space for the activities that make ME happy! Being a mother of a three-year-old, it’s easy to forget that recharging my own batteries is as important as my daughters next nap. It’s easy to put myself last. That is why I rarely miss my morning workouts. A run, a quick virtual dance class with Ryan Heffington, or just sitting down to breathe and stretch. I have to find a way to reconnect with myself before I begin taking care of my loved ones.


Leah, Founder + Owner: To me, self care means asking for support. Running a business with a 4-month old at home means I physically can’t do it all! It’s been therapeutic to pause and analyze where I could use help… and then actually ask for it!  Exhibit A: asking my husband for early evening Cleo-coverage one day a week to wind down in the tub with a few drops of Everyday Oil + ‘Sleep’ Essential Oil and popping on a Propolis Face Mask. Literally resets my entire week!


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