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Recipe: A Spring Green Juice That’s Both Detoxing and Fortifying

1plant pic

Godzilla Juice (via Goop)

9 leaves lacinato kale

10 long dandelion leaves

1 whole peeled lemon

1 large asian pear (quartered)

1 whole english cucumber

The terms “cleanse” and “detox” get thrown around fairly fast and loose this season. While a reset-button moment is always appreciated, the blood sugar dips, shakiness and irritability that tag along with these stringent + dogmatic cleanses are NOT helpful. Integrate nature’s bounty into your daily meals and celebrate food as medicine. When done right, it provides a life-force and energy to your mind, body and spirit that you won’t find by gulping air for 72 hours. There are goodies inside this juice, like dandelion leaves and lemon, that work as natural detoxifiers. Instead of working to take things away, fortify your life with more of the good stuff. 💋

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