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Let’s Talk: Teen Skin!

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Let’s talk teen skin! Our bodies navigate *many* seasons of change. And one season we all have weathered is puberty. As we transition from adolescence to adulthood, hormones like estrogen, testosterone and progesterone create shifts that directly impact our skin. During this time, our sebaceous glands and hair follicles are *extra* stimulated, creating more oil on the surface of the skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. The vicious cycle begins when the conventional skincare products we grab for (oftentimes too harsh) leaves skin stripped of its natural oils and moisture barrier. What happens next? The skin produces more oil to compensate…and the acne pattern continues.

Fear not, beauty. We’re sharing a gentle yet effective toolkit to reach for during those teenage days… without dulling your shine.

Balanced skin ahead…


Cleanse!Botnia ‘Daily Face Wash’ – With a blend of natural salicylic acid, arnica, + goldenseal, this cleanser will gently exfoliate while reducing inflammation and bacteria on the skin. Use morning and night to restore balance.

Tone!Ursa Major ‘Essential Face Tonic’ – This toner does it all – cleanse, hydrate, soothe and exfoliate. Allow the blend of witch hazel, salicylic acid + aloe vera to do the work so you don’t have to. Plus, it’s perfect for an on-the-go skin refresh!

Treat!Osea ‘Blemish Balm’ – This lightweight moisturizer packs acne-fighting power with a blend of organic algae, tea tree, juniper, and mineral peptides. Just one pump AM and PM will keep your skin feeling cool + looking fresh.

Nourish!Linné Botanicals ‘Balance Oil’ – Achieving balance in the skin can be tough, but this face oil is filled with botanicals to help your skin stay vibrant while reducing inflammation, increasing cellular regeneration and minimizing the appearance of blemishes.

Support Internally! / LivOn Labs ‘Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C’ – Not just for colds! Vitamin C is a precursor for collagen and is necessary to keep our skin healthy + capable of healing blemishes. This antioxidant-rich supplement will keep your skin in tip-top shape to heal, grow and regenerate, from the inside out.


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