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Your Skin During Menopause

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Menopause is an inevitable part of the life cycle for anyone with reproductive organs…and a beautiful process at that. This natural decline of reproductive hormones that cause menstruation (estrogen + progesterone) typically occurs around age 50. While each person will experience a unique set of symptoms, one may experience hot flashes, fatigue, changes in libido, hair loss and changes in the skin during this important hormonal transition.

Common skin concerns associated with the menopausal milestone range from dryness, dehydration, loss of firmness and more pronounced fine lines due to a decrease in collagen production and the drop in estrogen (the hormone responsible for increasing blood flow through capillaries in the skin). These shifts in your skin call for shifts in your daily regimen to support you in looking and feeling your healthiest self, no matter where you are in your hormone journey.

Plump skin ahead…


Oils all over!Living Libations ‘Best Skin Ever, Rose’ – Decreased estrogen levels can mean decreased oil production. Swap out your foaming cleanser for a more nourishing oil-based option instead. Rose Otto essential oil delivers targeted nourishment to help quench dry skin and improve the look of sagging skin. Use AM and PM.

Go heavier… / Osea ‘Advanced Protection Cream’ – …On your moisturizer, that is! This super nourishing cream features plant-derived amino acids to firm and plump skin. Plus, Gigartina seaweed deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for unparalleled barrier protection. Pro tip: apply while skin is still damp for even better absorption.

Support from within.Moon Juice ‘Collagen Protect’ – Protect + preserve your natural collagen with this powerful formula to help minimize fine lines and hydrate skin from the inside out. Tocotrienols, Silver Ear Mushroom + Hyaluornic Acid make for the perfect skin-protecting creamer in your AM bevy. Foods like bone broths, citrus fruits and antioxidant-rich berries are great options, too!

Fine lines rescue!Noshaba Apothecary ‘Solowa’ – Firm fine lines with this natural retinoic concentrate, consisting of 21 vitamin-filled botanicals to deliver a super-load of Vitamin A, C and E to the skin. This powerful oil aids in rejuvenation of cells, and collagen synthesis to re-plump, re-generate + re-deliver immense vitality. Use daily.

Exfoliate! / Moss Mornings ‘Sleep Peel’ – Mature skin tends to accumulate dead skin cells on the top layer, but because the skin is thin + more sensitive, you’ll want to be extra gentle when exfoliating. This hydrating peel gently exfoliates and activates with natural acids like lactic, glycolic and hyaluronic to renew skin. Use 2 times a week.


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