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Electrify Your Coffee this A.M.

If you go for a jaunt outside to bask in the sun and soak up essential Vitamin D, it’s pretty likely you’ll run into a Starbucks. Those babies are on about every corner. And not to bash the #basic, but we could do a lot better than those mass-produced coffee beans for our A.M. rituals. How about delving into your day with a batch of supercharged energy, clarity, a yoga-retreat amount of zen and a jolt to our metabolism? Make that a double!

Espresso + Coconut Oil + Tocos

Coconut Oil is a cure-all that you should think about incorporating in your daily routine because the health benefits are out of this world. It can completely help heal your gut (responsible for your weight, mood, and energy) and the good fats will help stabilize your blood sugar which will greatly help your energy. Tocos, short for Tocopheranols and Tocotrienals, work like creamer for your coffee and offer an incredible source of Vitamin E and B, which are exceptional for hair/skin/nail health and Vit B is essential for energy and nervous system support.

Espresso + Cordyceps + Cacao

Cordyceps are a type of mushroom and before you become weary of mushrooms in your coffee, these are NOT like the shrooms on your pizza. Cordyceps is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom, meaning that it helps your body naturally combat stress and fatigue. This particular strain of mushroom is all about giving you that natural energy boost and is a great natural pre-workout. It pairs very well with chocolate, and a great suggestion is to use half a packet first to ease into the flavor and effects. We are HUGE fans of superfood mushrooms; they are awesome sources of minerals and an easy way to sneak in powerful micronutrients necessary for your body.

Espresso + Coconut Milk + Coconut Oil + Maca

Maca is a superfood that should be an important staple in everyone’s cabinet. With Peruvian roots, this powder is an adaptogen (helps with stress and fatigue) helps balance your hormones, and provides sustainable energy. Bottom line, it’s SO good for you.

Espresso + Ashwagandha + Cinnamon + Ghee

Indulgently creamy, ghee is a superfood we never want to leave off our lips. It lubricates the organs, helps to eliminate toxins, and is the ooey-gooey GOOD kind of fat that gives us muscle tone and keeps our blood sugar in balance. Toss in a delicious kick of cinnamon and ashwagandha (an adaptogen, fab for anti-inflammatory support and counteracting adrenal fatigue) and you’ve got yourself a serious morning tonic makeover.

** Note that we too love to get our cuppa on, but find that espresso often serves us in more healthful ways than regular coffee, since coffee has more caffeine and is more acidic than espresso aka not good news for the gut.

Bonus (no coffee): Warm Coconut Milk + Herbal Tea +Prash

Lovingly named the “tonic ambrosia”, prash works as an alternative when you’re craving a nutty or chocolate-y spread and it dissolves like buttah in hot liquid. Plus, prepare to be mind-blown when you see the ingredient list: mucuna pruriens (mood booster!), he shou wu (the ultimate in beauty food), ashwagandha (amazing for immunity), rhodiola (promoting creativity and stamina) + more.



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