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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine


What gets you up in the morning? We’re not just talking about that incessant alarm beep or the daunting email inbox, but what makes you want to rise from the comfort of your comforter and take on the day with gusto? Perhaps it’s a hot pot of French press with a side of green smoothie, or maybe it’s that new sweater you’re psyched to show off at the office.

What if the answer was your cleanser, or your eyeliner, or your shower scrub? These self-care goodies have the potential to provide a two-fold miracle: nourishing your body while elevating your senses for your happiest Monday yet. It’s time for a Spring Cleaning of your products, to slough off the old toiletries not doing you many favors, for products that INVIGORATE, ENLIGHTEN, and ENRICH your regimen.

Botnia ‘Eye Cream’ / We would only leave our most sensitive and fragile parts to the crème de la crème of skin gurus, and we have the utmost confidence to hand over that responsibility to the team at Skin Remedy. They utilize some of the most potent ingredients in nature and understand the vulnerabilities surrounding our peepers (hi there, laugh lines!), and naturally they’ve got the secrets to keep our skin’s age ambiguous. Moisturizing without veering into oily territory, this eye cream feels like heaven with its exacting blend of rose hip, meadowfoam, rosemary and honeysuckle to soothe away dark circles. It’s a masterful balance of delicate and powerful.

Lily Lolo ‘BB Cream’ / Is it skincare? Is it makeup? Why, its both, of course! And if you could bring one item with you on a deserted island, Lily’s BB Cream is an all-in-one kinda gig. It’s packed with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients, as well as mineral pigments to help blur any imperfections and even out your skin tone, and contains an SPF 15 as well. Its light but mighty coverage can be worn alone or under our Mineral Bronzer for complete flawless coverage. One and done!

Herbivore Botanicals ‘Jasmine Body Oil’ / Inside SHOP GOOD, we offer Herbivore Botanicals’ Jasmine Body Oil. Not only does it entice the senses with an intoxicating scent of jasmine, camelia, and bergamot essential oils, it hydrates topically and offers intense moisture. In the beauty industry, there are an abundance of lotions that contain waxes that will initially hydrate skin but over time clog pores and cause more harm than good with questionable ingredients. None of that nonsense exists with Herbivore, which contain no fillers to ensure potency.

Herbivore Botanicals ‘Sea Salt Spray’ / Why are surfers, lifeguards and mermaids some of the prettiest creatures around? Their easy breezy beach hair, of course! Achieve some enviable locks on the 365 with Herbivore’s texturizing spray in coconut. Between the intoxicating aroma of vanilla and coconut essential oils and healthy-hair boosters like aloe vera, spontaneous hair flipping is bound to happen.

Botnia ‘Toner’ / We are alllll about alkalizing the body, with benefits like healthy gut bacteria, a thriving immune system and luscious hair and skin. So you can imagine how broad our smiles are when we swipe on Skin Remedy’s toner with a cotton pad, knowing full well that it will contribute to regulating the PH of our skin. Utilizing essential oils, Goldenseal (an herb amazing for combatting inflammation and redness), and Vitamin B3, you can rest assured your skin will feel exceptionally clean without any drying in sight.

Wildcare ‘Golden Hour Body Oil’This oil has an almost-too-good-to-be-true quality, as it hydrates with sweet almond oil (a rich concentration of fatty acids, prized for restructuring properties) and apricot kernel oil (restore vitality in both mature and sensitive skin). The illuminating element is thanks to mica, a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals that result in a gorgeous shimmer. A little goes a long way, but we are generous to moisturize our limbs with this luxurious and skin-nourishing treat.

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