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Deep Cleanse: January at Shop Good!

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Hi Shop Good Family!

While many of us are using the shift from ‘20 to ‘21 as a punctuation mark on the old and the commencement of all things new and fresh, the reality is we are still faced with many of the perils and challenges that 2020 will forever be known for. We are still very much in the throws of a global pandemic. Masks are still our best accessories! And we still have tons of work to do in sewing equality into our internal and macro spheres of life. 

So, while the clock striking midnight on Jan 1 doesn’t change this volatile climate, we absolutely can utilize the new year as an opportunity to pause, check in with ourselves and evaluate how we’re doing. And if things are still feeling heavy (we’re there too)… how can we use this moment to release or let go of what may not be serving us? 

We’ll be here for the next few weeks to support you in that process of cleansing. Nope, not talking about a diet or detox. But a Deep Cleanse across our minds, bodies and spirits, while providing the tools, techniques, new perspectives (and yes, fav products!) to do so as gently, lovingly and compassionately as possible. 

This month at Shop Good, we’re encouraging you to evaluate where space can be cleared (in our bodies… and even on our bathroom counters!) to allow for higher vibrations. We’ll talk effortless ways to cleanse negative energy, gentle ways to cleanse our skin (without overstripping, of course!), approachable ways to cleanse our guts and feel-good ways to cleanse our hearts… even ways we can work towards a cleaner planet, too. We’ll share a night of ritual-based cleansing over Zoom with our Holistic Estheticians… and hold a discussion with a special clean-skincare founder (new to Shop Good’s shelves!), who’s passionate about cleansing the mind to prioritize our mental health (sharing her unique perspective on this as a Black woman!). 

We all layered on excess armor to get through this past year, and rightfully so. I hope you leave this month feeling just a little bit lighter, skin feeling a little bit brighter and harnessing more space to spread love to all.  

Welcome to January and “Deep Cleanse” at Shop Good!


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