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‘Good Talks’ with Jazmine Rogers


About ‘Good Talks’ – Our monthly interview series championing unique perspectives and backgrounds in the beauty + wellness space. We’ll introduce you to the movers, shakers and inspirational voices who are out to challenge the norm, inspire new ways of thinking and encourage radical self care. 

Earlier this month we shared some exciting news about our new sustainability program called The Clean Cut — cutting ties with your empties, for good! If you haven’t been caught up to speed yet, here’s the 411: For every full size empty you bring in to our North Park or Del Mar shops, you’ll receive $1 of Shop Good credit. No minimum, no maximum! We’ve been SO encouraged by the response — you clean beauties are inspiring us to keep improving, keep learning, and keep up the clean-up for our sweet mother Earth. 

Speaking of inspiring — we’ve had the honor of knowing and working with a San Diego local known for her passion for and expertise within the topic of sustainability practices. Let me introduce to you the beautiful Jazmine Rogers, also known as @thatcurlytop on IG! Her intentionality and generous way of sharing all she has learned about sustainability consistently catches our eye and we can’t wait to learn from her again today. 

Read on for our ‘GOOD TALK’ + interview with Jazmine of @thatcurlytop. 


S/G: Tell us a little about who you are + your journey to becoming a sustainable fashion blogger. 

Jazmine: I’m a Black + Mexican creator who is passionate about sustainable fashion and living. I started my account, @thatcurlytop, in 2016 to document my journey of conscious living and make it more accessible to others.


S/G: What inspired your desire to pursue sustainability + champion this cause within your community so passionately? 

Jazmine: Working in the fashion industry was a dream of mine. Once I got to college, I learned about the horrors of fast fashion and how they were notorious for using slave labor, being one of the world’s top polluters, and negatively impacting communities of color around the world. I couldn’t participate in the industry without advocating for change. I quit fast fashion, and in the process became passionate about fighting for equitable living and a habitable planet.

S/G: You’ve spoken about this on your IG. Why is talking about sustainability so vital to the Black lives matter movement + the work needed to be done surrounding equity for BIPOC? 

Jazmine: BIPOC are frequently left out of the sustainable conversations even though true sustainability stems from these cultures. Colonization is a huge reason for more environmental damages. In order for us to move towards a more sustainable world we need to decolonize our current conversation of sustainability and listen, advocate for, and empower all BIPOC communities.

S/G: What is 1 thing you wish everyone knew about sustainable living? 

Jazmine: That the only way you can do it wrong is by not trying. 


S/G: What are a few of your favorite sustainable brands?

Jazmine: Oh there are so many! 

S/G: What is your definition of success? What do you consider your most recent accomplishment? (this can be anything! Within business, your own personal health goals, family, etc.)

Jazmine: I don’t really have one to be honest. I feel like success is so nuanced and too abstract. Instead I prefer to focus on what I can learn or do next, the world is so vast I feel like you can never reach an endpoint of ‘making it’. 

S/G: What is your #1 go-to self-care practice right now?

Jazmine: Reorganizing my house, wearing a face mask, and playing with my kitty, Tofu.


S/G: Who is a woman who inspires you and why?

Jazmine: Currently Leah Thomas, @greengirlleah. She is the co-founder of @intersectionalenviornmentalist, which is an online platform that advocates for intersectional sustainability. This has been something I’ve been dreaming of in the sustainability community and so happy to see a fellow black creator start something so amazing.

S/G: Just for fun, how do you take your coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, what’s your go-to drink of choice for a pick me up?

Jazmine: Hot and black like me, haha *kinda* jk

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SG: What are your Shop Good favorites you’re keeping in arm’s reach this summer and why?


A huge ‘thank you’ to Jazmine for sharing her knowledge and sources of inspiration with us. We’re taking notes over here and can’t wait to keep journeying towards better and better sustainability practices. If you’d like to hear more from Jazmine (and keep the inspiration going via Jazmine’s style, home decor #goals and sustainability practices, you can follow her on IG @thatcurlytop or on YouTube

Want to start living sustainably now? Our Clean Cut program offers you $1 of Shop Good credit for every empty beauty or skincare container you bring in to our North Park or Del Mar shops. No minimum, no maximum! Let’s keep it clean, together!