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Your Acne Study Guide

We’ve been through it *ALL* when it comes to acne. From whiteheads that clear up in a few days to recurring cystic pustules…Regardless of the type, acne can be frustrating, confusing and crippling to confidence.

Take a deep breath. Know you’re not alone…and then get your class notes out.

Possessing the ability to define the type of acne you are experiencing can support you in creating a realistic plan to healing your skin.

See your full Acne Study Guide below…

Comedonal Acne

Looks like: small bumps under the skin. This happens when excess sebum, dirt, makeup (+ other impurities) get trapped under the hair follicles – and is considered a *mild* form of acne.



These are closed-off pimples that aren’t open at the skin’s surface. They’re usually small to medium white or skin colored bumps.

Try: RAEL ‘Invisible Spot Cover’

Perfect for surfaced acne. Easier, faster, and more effective at healing pimples than popping them!




These are closed-off pimples that aren’t open at the skin’s surface. They’re usually small to medium white or skin colored bumps.

Try: MOSS MORNINGS ‘Sleep Peel’

Say “bye bye” to blackheads with one easy swipe. Loaded with lactic, glycolic + salicylic acids to effectively exfoliate + unclog pores.


Inflammatory Acne

Shows up as: red, inflamed, and tender breakouts. This acne can become infected, fill with pus and be painful. #DYK— your body produces pus to fightoff infection caused by bacteria?⁠ ⁠



Excess oil and dead skin cells build up to form an inflamed pimple that looks like small, raised red bumps.

Try: BOTNIA ‘Daily Face Wash’

The best way to treat this type of acne is with a good face wash that will calm irritation and remove excess bacteria from the skin.




A papule that has become infected and is filled with pus (whatever you do—don’t pop it!). These are most commonly found on the face, chest, and back.

Try: PROVINCE APOTHECARY ‘Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment’

A spot treatment that won’t dry you out. Incredibly potent so all you’ll need is one drop and you can kiss those zits goodbye!



Nodulocystic Acne

This acne is formed deeeep within the skin and is difficult to treat topically. They usually show up as inflamed, hardened lumps on the face, neck, chest, shoulders + back…and can take weeks / even months to disappear.



Similar to papules, but they’re found deeper in the skin. They can feel hard to the touch and appear as large, painful bumps that never really come to a head.

Try: A Shop Good Facial!

A combination of topical, spa treatments, and advice from your holistic healthcare practitioner can help with cell regeneration + turnover to limit the amount of dead skin cells + oil sitting on the skin.



Severe, deep-forming acne that’s often painful. They can be hard to the touch, sometimes filled with pus, and should be treated professionally.

Try: ZILCH ‘Clean Skin Formula’

Speak with your holistic healthcare practitioner to see what solution is best for you. We recommend Zilch!


Have more acne Q’s? Book a facial with our Holistic Estheticians!

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