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Curate the Ultimate Superfood Pantry

The magical, mystical world of adaptogens and superfoods can leave any woman’s head spinning, pondering, “where do I start?” Think of this as a superfood starter kit; just a couple of basics that will make you feel anything but basic. A couple of these (the prash + anandamide) are a tonic herb blend of some superstar-favorites, so you can reap the benefits of a host of these superfoods. Dive in!

Prash, Sun Potion: Lovingly named the “tonic ambrosia”, this sticky substance is delicious as an alternative when you’re craving a nutty or chocolate-y spread. Plus, prepare to be mind-blown when you see the ingredient list: mucuna pruriens (mood booster!), he shou wu (the ultimate in beauty food), ashwagandha (amazing for immunity), rhodiola (promoting creativity and stamina) + more.

Spirulina: “Eat your greens, eat your greens” is a standby mantra for us and others who strive to put health first. And why is that? The component that gives it the emerald hue is chlorophyll, the basis for all plant life. Powerful stuff. Spirulina is high in chlorophyll, along with a host of other nutrients including ALL of the essential amino acids, calcium, omega 3,6, 9, and B vitamins. Oh, and it contains more protein by weight than any other food. Needless to say, it’s a must-have. We sprinkle this in just about everything, especially smoothies. Insta-boost!

Goji Berries: A couple handfuls of these, and you’ll be radiating the rosy goddess vibes your dreams are made of. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a staple for Asian communities, these berries contain impressive amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene and iron, and contain some of the most potent levels of antioxidants in any food. This means beautiful skin, strong vision and cancer-preventing properties. Bonus: gojis are adaptogens, helping the body to cope with mental and physical stress. Toss these in to your granola or smoothies, or nibble plain!

Anandamide, Sun Potion: A handcrafted, wild-crafted mélange of raw cacao (fab for magnesium!), reishi and cordycep mushrooms, mucuna pruriens, turmeric, tocos, rose petals, astragalus + more. We love to toss a big spoonful in our morning coffee for a promising alignment of the nervous, immune and digestive systems.

Pearl, Moon Juice Shop: If you’re in the market to up your beauty game, sprinkle some pearl powder in a tea or tonic. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and amino acids, this beautifying agent helps to prevent the development of melanin in your skin which can cause dark spots and signs of aging. It also works to calm you down with its spirit-building capabilities. It’s a potent source of enzymes and trace minerals, promoting longevity and therefore a total beauty food.


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