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Refresh Your Mask Routine

July – Dec 2021 Skin Talks (5)

Your skin is a warrior. As we enter into year three of mask wearing (!!), it may be working overtime to combat a compromised moisture barrier, maskne + irritation, inflammation + the likes.

Our Holistic Estheticians chime in with their tips for pre and post mask-wearing for a healthy barrier + a maskne-free complexion.



Humidity levels under your mask have the ability to increase skin’s sebum production, which can lead to clogged pores + breakouts. So, we recommend keeping nose-to-chin a skincare-only zone! Focus your under-the-mask skincare on moisture-pumping + soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, turmeric, sandalwood + lavender.

Try: Berlin Skin’s Sandalwood Face Cream



Planning to wear your mask for long periods of time? Plan ahead and stock up on quick, antiseptic and refreshing tools to keep breakouts at bay. Mid-mask wear, wipe or spritz away any built-up, sweat, oils and bacteria with anti-bacteria-zapping ingredients, like willow bark, sugarcane and rosemary.

Try: Ursa Major Face Wipes or Wildcare Rosemary + Bay Hydrosol



A post-mask deep cleanse (yes, as soon as you get home) can truly help stop maskne in its tracks. Try double cleansing after a long day in your mask. Begin with a soothing oil cleanser by massaging into dry skin + gently wiping off with a warm towel. Follow with a gentle clarifying cleanser that not only clears away blemish-causing impurities, but also reinforces a strong moisture barrier for rebalanced skin.

Try: Botnia’s Balancing Oil Cleanser (first cleanse) + Tata Harper’s Clarifying Cleanser (for a second clarifying cleanse)




Have more skincare Q’s? Book a facial with our Holistic Estheticians!

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