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Read Our Lips: What You Need to Know About a Healthy Pout


We’ve got a secret: we LOVE lipstick.

Oh, were we not hiding it very well? By the looks of our Instagram, Shop Good, and our weekend receipts, it’s pretty obvious that we haven’t come across a red that we don’t like. Or orange, or pink, or deep burgundy. What can we say, it’s our signature!


But like so much in the beauty industry, as our hearts raced faster and faster about finding the perfect shade, we became equally aware of the fact that so many conventional lipsticks are made with frightening ingredients. Like actually dangerous amounts of leadfrightening. And even if the whole concept of products affecting your internal wellness sound a little iffy, think about it: this product goes on your LIPS. On your mouth! And everything you eat, drink, and smooch comes into contact with these chemicals all day long.

Because this doesn’t stop our passion for a perfect pout, we applaud companies that are developing high-end tubes that replace (and even up the ante?) on the experience of pulling out your lipstick, swiping on, and shining with confidence. We don’t have to forget about these rituals; so many beauty companies are rising to the challenge and fostering so much good-good while maintaining all the things we require in a coveted lipstick: moisturizing formula, amazing pigment, and beautiful finish.

We’re excited to share, Axiology amongst our lipstick collection; a company who knows you want a traditional tube but thoughtful ingredients. With a vow to create products that value integrity, ethical production (100% vegan and cruelty-free!) and labors of love, it’s an honor to offer this new striking selection. We admire their obsession with curating the perfect pigments and formula– thanks to avocado oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, vitamin E and orange essential oil, for never-again chapped lips.


To celebrate our lifelong love affair with lipstick, and our newfound crush on Axiology, here’s a quick rundown of the 5 shades’ ~*vibes*~ available in Shop Good (blowing you a kiss, today and always!)  

Vibrationsoft scarlet/sunset glow/ desert rose/universally flattering

Worthbittersweet burnt orange/fiery/warm tangerine/fab for all skin shades

Attitude – glides on as a hot, hibiscus-pink pop with a blush of blue undertones.

Virtuegolden orange/sheer/glimmer-y red

Elusiveburgundy-drenched/fine wine-splashed/deep sunset

Always remember that you don’t have to sacrifice feeling confident and beautiful, for feeling safe and vibrant. #YouCanHaveBoth

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