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The Gut-Skin Axis



The connection is real. Countless studies have shown a significant correlation between gastrointestinal health and skin homeostasis.

Let’s break down how…

Our gut microbiome is a vast collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. When this ecosystem is thrown out of balance, (due to emotional stress, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or excess sugar intake) pathways regulating cellular turnover and barrier integrity can be interrupted, ultimately leading to overactive sebaceous glands (hi, acne), impaired barrier function (hello, dryness or premature aging) or inflammation (welcome, chronic skin conditions).

TLDR: Our skin can be a great barometer for what’s going on inside the body. So, what are easy + daily ways can we tend to this intimate relationship between our gut and skin?

Seeking a lit-from-within glow…




The Nue Co – Prebiotic + Probiotic

A quality probiotic is key to restoring an unbalanced gut and supporting skin from within. Repopulating *good* bacteria in the gut can help to ward off the “bad” guys and reestablish balance in our gut flora. A good daily ‘pro B’ may help to reduce skin inflammation, manage acne, improve digestion and even keep chronic skin conditions like rosacea or psoriasis at bay!



Cymbiotika – Super Greens

Balance any summer indulgence + fun with this effortless way to make sure to get your dark leafies in (think: spinach! chard!), healthy fats (like chia seeds + coconut oil) fermented fruits, essential amino acids and digestive enzymes. Yep, it’s all in here! Mix with filtered water, blend into your AM smoothie, or sip straight from the pouch!



Rose Los Angeles – Rose CBD Capsules

Combat chronic stress (which can damage the skin’s protective antimicrobial barrier, alter our gut microflora + contribute to systemic inflammation). This supplement is a perfect way to encourage moments of pause at the end of your way, with added benefits of improving sleep patterns, calming the nervous system, encouraging healthy, glowing skin!


What’s going on internally is often linked to what’s happening externally. Book a facial with one of our Holistic Estheticians to start you on your journey to achieving your ultimate skin goals! Not local? Call us at The Shop! North Park / (619) 501-5362 One Paseo / (858) 209-2050 or DM us on Instagram @shopgoodco

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