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Skincare For Down There

Q1 2022 Skin Talks

When everyday bacteria, sweat and other fluids come into the mix, ingrowns, infections + yep, even acne can plague our skin below the belt. Your delicate skin is just as deserving of customized care to keep you feeling (+ looking!) your best down there!

Here’s what our Holistic Estheticians are currently recommending…

Preventative Care

FUR ‘Fur Oil’
Soften your hair (anywhere), while smoothing and soothing skin. A quick-drying multipurpose oil to incorporate in your daily routine, especially if you’re ingrown-prone.


in-the-moment care

Toss the questionable-ingredient lube + reach for Holi(Sex) for the perfect amount of slip (thanks to ingredients like Coconut oil, rose + jasmine oils). Psst.. it offers anti-fungal, + antibacterial properties too. Win-win!


after care

This balm-to-oil salve combats vulvo-vaginal dryness, itching, and irritation. Plus it even helps soothe yeast infection discomfort! A dime-sized amount daily will help keep your skin’s natural moisture barrier protected from outside stressors.


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