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Summer Skin School is in Session



And we’re here to talk our favorite three letters: S-P-F. Let’s start with the facts: 90% (!!!) of visible signs of aging are caused by the sun — making SPF the best tool in your arsenal for aging gracefully and reducing your risk of melanoma. Now that we know SPF is a daily non-negotiable… there are a sea of options out there! How do you choose the right ray repeller that makes everyday wear as easy-peasy (and as safe) as possible?

Here’s your cheat sheet!

(Don’t worry, there’s no pop quiz).

Safety first…



1 / Apply every morning!

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

Cloudy, sunny, outdoors or IN! UVA (the non-burning, but highly damaging rays) can penetrate through clouds + windows. So… yes, SPF everyday! Not just at the beach!

To make application easy, try this double duty SPF serum (in a variety of shades) that works as broad-spectrum sun protection with added skincare benefits. Get color matched!

2 / For *all* skin tones

Ursa Major – ‘Force Field SPF’

All skin, regardless of color, can experience damage from UVA rays — making skin vulnerable to sun spots, premature wrinkles, and also to skin cancer. The struggle with physical (vs chemical) sunscreens is that dreaded white residue!

But this natural sunscreen, was formulated with attention to efficacy and added hydration, sans any white-cast.

3 / Safe for you and the planet

Suntegrity – ‘Natural Mineral Body Sunscreen’

Common SPF ingredients like octinoxate and oxybenzone have not only been linked to disrupting the body, but also to the degradation of coral reefs + other important ecosystems. So check those labels and choose a sunscreen that’s safe for you + for Mama Earth! Try this beach bag staple with non-nano zinc oxide for full body protection.

4 / It’s never too early!

Erbaviva – ‘Baby Sunscreen’

The best sun protection for our little clean beauty babes is shade and coverage! But once they start crawling… it’s game over. For babies 6+ months of age, we recommend this sunscreen for their delicate skin. Made with organic ingredients like aloe, chamomile, lavender and jojoba, it’s gentle enough to apply for every outdoor adventure!


Since we know SPF is a must, we recently expanded our assortment to ensure there’s something for everyone. Need help finding the right SPF for you? Call us at The Shop! North Park / (619) 501-5362 One Paseo / (858) 209-2050 or DM us on Instagram @shopgoodco

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